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I have very low blood sugar

I have very low blood sugar levels and i get dizzy and sometimes i cant talk properly. What is the lowest it can be before i have to be hospitalized. I am very scared for my unborn little girl and i cant let anything happen to her. What can i eat to keep my sugar levels high all the time. Please Help Me
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Make sure you have some protein (cheese, protein bar, egg, meat, nuts) every couple of hours. I carry nuts and protein bars in my purse.
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It is normal for blood sugar levels to be messed up during pregnancy, but this is something you should see your doctor about very soon. Being dizzy and having speech problems often has to do with blood pressure and the subsequent amount of oxygen getting to the brain. There's no need to panic, but do address the issue now before things get out of control or more difficult to manage later down the road. Your baby is fine, and the best thing you can do for her is to take care of yourself. Best wishes, keep us posted!

I had blood sugar problems in my first few months and had to use one of those OneTouch glucose meters every day... everything turned out fine and I am no longer having to use it. I'm sure you'll be okay, too! :)
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hi megan.... i briefly researched online for an answer for you... and of course im at work, and we have web blockers so i was only able to find you minimal info... your hemoblobin count shouldnt be any lower then 12 and hemocrit percentage shouldnt be any lower then 36%. im not sure how accurate this info is. you should probably phone your doctor and see... i would suggest drinking orange juice and eating some fruit or a protein bar  to keep your levels up. but again, please followup with your doctor as the info i have may be inaccurate. let me know how it goes, good luck to you my dear!
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