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HEY LADIES!!  how is everyone doing? how are the babies?

i just thought we could all catch up with eachothers lives since our babies have been born. i noticed that not a lot of mommies have been on here lately. im guilty as well.... i cant remember the last time i signed in. lol  
sooo.... how much did your baby weigh when born... and how much did it weigh at 6 weeks old?
does the baby sleep through the night? are you having any difficulties with the baby? add anything else you would like to share.

i'll start.

Cohen turned 8 weeks old last wednesday. He weighed 10lbs 5oz at birth. at his 6 weeks checkup he weighed 14lbs. he's like a sack of potatoes!! lol  he loves to eat... so the doctor has suggested feeding him pablum... which is working out wonderfully! he loves it.  Cohen wakes up once a night. he is such a good baby. he never cries, only fusses when mommy cant make a bottle fast enought!! lol   we had some concerns with his belly button. he had a little ball of skin protruding from his belly button and there was puss and blood coming from it. we seen 3 different doctors. the 1st one said it was fine... 2nd one said it was a cyst, and the third one (my family doctor) said that is was common and that it would gradually dry up and fall off.... it is now getting smaller and looks like it could fall off any time. thank god. i was really getting worried.
Cohen is absolutely amazing. he is so quiet and gentle. he doesnt even seem like a baby... he's my little boy. i just love him sooo much. i cant wait to have more!!
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hey everyone! graham is doing great! i had him on sept 5th and he was 10 lbs 1.1 oz. He's already 3 months old! I can't believe it! He's changed soooo much! Last month at his check up he weighed 12 lbs 14 oz. and we don't go back until january 6th. i bet he's going to hit the 14 lb mark. He's already 25 inches long!!! he can't stand while holding my fingers and has already started trying to sit up and pulling him self over. he's like a little green bean! long and skinny (but realllllly white)! we went through some formula problems. we had bought a whole bunch of that similac alimentum hypoallergenic formula (20 cans) and then we found out it gave him acid reflux because of the high acidity and he is lactose intollerent so we are selling the remaining unopened cans on ebay and are using the similac sensitive lactose free one now. he's such a happy baby! his laugh is amazing! i love to watch him play and smile. He is sleeping wonderfully through the night. He hates taking naps during the day. he'll fight it as long as he can and then pass out finally for about 2 hours and cat nap in the car if we go anywhere. I usually put him in his crib between 8 pm and 10 pm and he sleeps until about 630 am and 830 am. He might wake up once and want to be changed and fed, but that's it and he's back off to dreamland. My baby is also really alert. he'll talk to you for 20 minutes straight and tell you all about his day. he thinks the dogs are just hilarious! he's ticklish all over his body!! He is learning so fast. i cannot believe how wonderful my life is because of him. i've already started thinking about having another baby, but i think i want to wait atleast another year and a half before we start trying.
I think the most heartwrenching thing so far was having to have the nurse give him his first shots. graham was in such a good mood that day and when she poked (more like stabbed) him in the thigh, he just went into jesus position and screamed like i'd never heard him scream before. i held his head against mine and was sobbing telling him i loved him and it was going to be over soon. he then went on to grab my shirt and yank it down towards him. it was so painful for the both of us. i had to breastfeed him in the office just to calm the both of us down. he has to get shots this next time too and i'm not looking forward to it. it's going to break my heart!
well that's it so far for graham. he's wonderful and perfect in every way! i'm going to post some recent pictures so you guys can see how much he's changed. take care of your babies and yourselves! god bless you all! merry christmas and happy new year!!!!
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Hello everyone. Blake is now 11 lbs 3 ozs and 23 inches long. He was born at 6 lbs 12 ozs and 201/2 inches long. I started with breastfeeding exclusively in the first month but I don't think I was producing too much so I started giving Blake formula. I pump at night so I can give him a full bottle during the day and I breastfeed him at least once or twice during the morning. My situation was that he wanted to eat less but more frequent within two or less hours. Now I'm trying go have him eat every three hours. Hopefully soon to four hours. He only eats about 4 ozs. He finally falls asleep around 10 pm and wakes around 3am then 6am then 8, but sometimes it varies. The only problem I have is that he cries from like 9 to his 10 feeding because he's tired and he doesn't know how to put himself to sleep.  I thought about changing his time to bed at nine, but then who knows when he will wake and will he just cry sooner than 9 pm now. Sometimes it's hard for him to nap because he cries too. Any suggestions on how to get him to sleep o his own and not cry. It's a cry like someone is hurting him. I feel so bad. Also, what are the working Mom's doing? With babysitting and sleep schedules if baby needs to be dropped off early.  
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hey! I'm so glad to hear updates about everyone! Its nice to know my baby isn't the only huge one around lol. We went for his check up at 11 weeks on Wednesday before thanksgiving and he weighs 15 pounds 11 ounces, 24 1/2 inches long. When he was born he weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long. He is growing so fast! He is a breastfed baby and sometimes my husband gets frustrated because the way he likes to be soothed is to nurse. I think he just wants to be with Mommy! haha My husband just hasn't figured out how to sooth him and I get frustrated. I feel like I can't leave the house without Gibson to do anything because I worry he will be fussy the entire time. He takes a pacifier and I can get him to take it but my husband says he won't for him. He also takes bottles, usually gets about one a day. He likes the bottles and then usually he is tired after, my husband thinks hes still hungry! UGH its like a never ending cycle. Sorry for venting but its on my mind right now haha!
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Hi everyone, well my baby was not big at birth, he weighed 6 lbs 4oz. He did not have a 6 week checkup but I weighed him at WIC at about 7-8 weeks and he was a little over 11 lbs. He has an appt on tuesday so I'm anxious to see how much he weighs now. I hope he's gaining enough weight. I had a really hard time with breastfeeding and I stopped at about 3 weeks. He did not latch on. I feel incredibly guilty about it, especially since he has a cold now and I can't help blaming myself for it. He wakes up twice at night, which is not too bad. He is a very good baby, I am so blessed. I love him so much and I cannot imagine my life without him. He is also very alert, he likes to look at everyone and everything.  
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wowsers.... we all had BIG babies!! Lol
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kayla was 11lb when born at 39 weeks she is now over 14lb not sure how long she is but she was 59 cm when born almost 24 inches she nearly sleeps throught the night she is very good and is exclusivly brestfeed my only problem is im still bleeding which is driving me mad other that that live is great
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Hi ladies!! Well my baby Evan turns 8 weeks tomorrow - I can hardly believe it!! He was born via planned c-section at 41 weeks, and weighed11 lbs 1 oz!!! We had some struggles at first breastfeeding, but with a supportive husband, my determination, and the help of our doula and La Leche League we made it through. He is exclusively on breast milk which is very demanding on me, but its true what they say - breastfeeding is a lifestyle. And it is so very, very worth it!!. He weighs 14 pounds 10 oz already and a bit over 24 inches long- a big boy fore sure! He wakes an average of 3 times a night to nurse, but goes right back to sleep after. He's full of smiles and each one warms my heart. Loves to lay on his playmat, look at mobiles and rattles, and go for walks to look at trees and get fresh air. He's very alert, inquisitive and social. He's just a doll and I love being his mommy...

Everyone else??
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