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im just curious to know how much weight you ladies have gained so far in your pregnancy and how far a long you are.
im a little worried that im going to be HUGE. With my daughter i gained over 60 pounds overall...so far this pregnancy i have gained 18 pounds and i'll be 6 months tomorrow. i know that sounds about average... but im really worried that im gonna pack on the pounds over the next couple months. im way more cautious about what i eat and i drink ALOT of water this time around. so im hoping things will be different this time!
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this time i have gained about 5lb and im 5 months (23 weeks today) at this point with my daughters i had agsine 35lb and 28 lb
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I am the record breaker, have gained 14kg in 22 weeks!
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I have gained 5lbs and I am 6 months pregnant....but with these bbq's this whole weekend who knows....LOL.  I wonder how much I'll gain in the remainder months.
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5 lbs!! thats it??  holy man, im a heffer!! lol
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If you're a heffer, then I'm a heffer!  =)

I've gained about 15 pounds and I'm 26 weeks (so a little bit over 6 months).  This is my first child, so I have no idea how quickly the rest of the weight will be piling on.  Right now I am all belly!!
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I had a bad start though... i was overweight to begin with! im kicking myself in the butt now. i never lost the weight i gained with my first child. i started the Jenny Craig diet, lost 18 pounds, then found out i was pregnant. hahaha.... and it was a very EXPENSIVE diet. i started off this pregnancy weighing 201 pounds!! YIKES!!!  and now im at 218.... i really really dont want to gain anymore... this is insane.
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I'm 26 weeks and have gained 19 pounds. My doctor said I'm right on schedule. I feel huge, but everyone says I'm still small. It's my 3rd pregnancy and I always gain around 35 lbs. It does seem to come off quickly after baby is born. I just want a big healthy baby.
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At 21 weeks I gained 19 pounds!  However, at one doctors office it said 117, and three weeks later at the OB's it said 124!  8 pounds in 3 three weeks?!  
I was about 105 before, and 5'5, so probably considered 'underweight', so i guess if I gain 40 it will be okay.  I gained 55 with my son and it took a year to lose it all.
Upping the exercise now that spring and summer are here, there's a bonus to being very pregnant during the summer!
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Im pretty lucky that im tall... im almost 5'10". otherwise i'd probably look like a troll!! lol  instead i look like shrek... swollen cankles and all!! lol
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you are far from being a heffer. I am 24 weeks and 2 days and have officially gained 17 pounds, unofficially 20 pounds  as of this morning on my scale at home. I have been eating like crazy the past 2 or 3 days though. Its like my appetite disappeared for a few weeks then all of a sudden, WHAM!! There it was all over again. I have been eating constantly the past 2 days.
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haha, its funny cuz i ate like a pig for the first 4 months, then lost all appetite of 2 months.... then it was like all of a sudden i cant get enough food. its insane! you'd think i was feeding a football team or something. its hilarous! its pretty neat that our due dates are 1 day apart and we've gained the same amount of weight!
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Yah, I did basically the same thing. I ate like crazy, then the past couple months even if I felt like I was starving I could barely eat anything before I was full. Now, I cant get enough food. I have been eating and snacking constantly.
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24 weeks up 13lbs!...I'm trying to keep it under 30lbs.but I'm sooooo hungry. With first DD gained 42lbs.
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i lost a pound! WAHOO!! hahhaha.... too funny. yeah im seriously hoping that i dont gain more then 30 pounds. with my daughter i gained over 60! ARGH!!
im soooo hungry all the time... i cant get enough food!! i want some pickles.... and chips. mmmm.... chips.
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So far I haven't gained anything (I'm 21 weeks), I've actually lost about 15lbs so far, BUT I went to the doc yesterday and the baby seems to be healthy, so I guess it's not that bad
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wow... i cant believe you've lost 15lbs!!   tell me what im doing wrong!! lol
have you been eating more since being pregnant? how have you been feeling?
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I am 28wks now with my 3rd baby and I have gained 17lbs so far.... I gained 62lbs with my 1st daughter and 48lbs with my 2nd son. THis baby is a boy also and like I said I have already gained 17lbs. I am worried about gaining too much, Its much harder to get rid of the 2nd and 3rd times..... Good Luck Ladies!!!
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yikes..... im gaining weight again!! ahhhhhhhhh!
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im now up about 14lb and im 27 weeks so that about 9lb in 4 weeks omg
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Man oh man... I thought i was doing alot better than I actually was. I had only gained about 6lbs up until two weeks ago and just had another appt this week...sadly I gained 8lbs in two weeks!!!!!  Now I'm up to 16 total and I'm 24 weeks... I hope I can keep my fierce hunger in check over the next four months!! I'm really starting to worry that I'll end up HUGE!!!   :^(
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