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WOW... where is everyone??  im getting awfully lonely by myself in here!! lol   im interested to know how everyone is doing.... are you all trying to catch up on much needed sleep, too busy fulfilling your prego food cravings??  IM LONELY!!!   lol
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hey girls
I'm sorry I've been so bad at posting lately but I can barely keep my eyes open enough to read these days :)  yes, the exhaustion is setting in. Before i would do something and then get tired. Now I'm tired all the time. The weather in the northeast has been hot hot hot. It adds to the exhaustion.  My mood is like a roller coaster. Some days I'm great, other days I'm anxious and others depressed. I'm trying to go with the flow of of it all. I'm 33 weeks now and have gained 14 lbs as of yesterday. All I can think of is icecream ;)  
I have been super lucky in other ways...no swelling or heartburn so far. I'm still sleeping pretty well so its not all awful.
Thanks for posting how u are all doing. Its very comforting to know we are all in the same boat :) xo e
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you are not lonley on yourself... our forum is very QUITE... Most women post in the main forum and not here.... I even dont bother coming here as before as I hardly find any new posts or respond to my questions...
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WAHOO!!!  at least 2 of you are still around!!  thanks for responding ladies!!

E33- im sorry to hear that you have been having quite a few ups and downs. you are NOT alone. i sometimes feel like im depressed, i could cry at pretty much anything, and i get VERY irritated with silly things. the good thing is that we dont have much time left to go!! you are sooo lucky that you can sleep. im toss and turn for hours. as for the heartburn, OMG i have it all day everyday, it hurts!! and the swelling.... i look like i have shrek feet, and my fingers and crotch are swollen. YIKES... the joys of pregnancy!

nadia77- yeah i know all the posting traffic goes to the main forum... but ive really been trying to encourage the sept ladies to post here more. i dont think ive been very successful!! lol
im glad to know that you ladies are doing great!!
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LOL I know this forum is super quiet! I feel very similar to E33 as far as moods go. I just can't seem to keep a mood for more than an hour. One moment I'm feeling happy, the next I'm crying.... sometimes if I laugh it'll actually turn to crying - LOL!! I made it through the majority of my pregnancy being super mellow and calm, now I've officially turned into basketcase pregnant lady! Sleeping is pretty much unpredictable for me.... some nights I do pretty well, others I can't get a solid hour in before waking up. I have to sleep w/my upper body propped up or else the heartburn is unbearable. Sleeping that way gives me a backache but I'd rather have that then barf up stomach acid in the morning (I'm STILL nauseated and have a random puke session every once in awhile). If I spend too much time standing I get excrutiating pain in my lower back - I'm thinking it must be sciatica. Anyone else having this?? I find that sitting on a birthing ball helps a lot. I'm pretty much swollen everywhere, but mostly my feet.

Throughout this entire pregnancy I've craved dairy products like crazy. I can't get enough cereal, too. If I don't have a bowl of cereal (frosted mini-wheats in particular) in the morning my whole day is out of wack. I go through a gallon of milk in like a week. LOL! It's so weird because normally I'm not even a big milk drinker.... My appetite has gone down significantly though, and I'm only able to eat small amounts or else I feel really queasy. I've gained a total of 19 pounds so far; it seems to be piling on pretty quickly now.

Baby has taken a serious liking to bouncing on my bladder, which has led to some pretty quick sprints to the restroom... I constantly feel like I have to pee but when I go it's only a tiny bit. No relief!! I'm looking forward to that "ahhhh" feeling again!

Is anyone else NESTING?!?! Omg it's completely taken over me... I can't focus on anything because all I want to do is finish projects around the house, organize everything, and clean clean clean! Even my husband has started getting really "nesty." We've decided to spend this whole weekend doing projects around the house; I'm very excited to get some things done! I'm still working full-time and plan to work until September 12th, a week before my due date. I am sooooo looking forward to maternity leave, but sooooo dreading coming back to work. :(

Glad everyone is well.... we're getting close!! :) Take care!
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I'm still here!!   Just been busy lately, DH's family reunion was last week so we had guests, I'm trying to get the babies room ready (finally made some progress) got registered and the baby shower is coming together. (Aug 24th) I'm planning on printing out the invits tomorrow. If the paper I ordered comes in today. and today my parents are buying a new car and I'm using my truck  as a trade in and getting their old car....So thank goodness I feel good. I went to the DR Tues and everything looks good, I'm up to 152lbs which is 20lbs ish. Bp was 112/80 , measuring a week over but have been. and start going every 2 weeks now....My sleep pattern is inconsistent too, I had heartburn only once after we went out for all you can eat fish but I guess I was asking for it. packing a gut with deep fried fish at 8:00pm. I usally try not to eat after 6;00Pm and try not to eat til I'm stuffed....Well, I better get busy, lots of work to do. .....glad to see you girls are still around. I'll try to post more too.
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Hello everyone, I have not been here in a long time. I do come around just to check what people are asking about, but I rarely post, I don't know why. Well, I am 31 weeks today and feeling pretty good. I am starting to feel queasy for long periods of the day, after eating, but it's nothing too bad. At least I am not throwing up. I am not swollen and I rarely get heartburn, so I would say I am pretty lucky so far. My stomach is still rather small, everyone tells me I look so small to be 7 months. I look more like I am 5 months. I read that after 31 weeks the baby is heading into a growth spurt so we'll see how much he grows in the next 9 weeks. The baby is moving, but not so much that it gets uncomfortable. I LOVE it when he moves, though, I wish he would do it more often. I am still able to sleep through the night, but I wake up various times to use the restroom or to eat. I had my baby shower last Saturday. I had an early baby shower since I am at risk for pre-term labor. It was so great, I had so much fun. I received tons of gifts and diapers, I think I pretty much got everything that I need. My mom invited A LOT of people, there must have been about 100. I am so blessed to have so many people who care. I think so far I have gained about 25 lbs, but I'm not very sure. I have a Dr.'s appointment tomorrow so I will find out for sure how much I've gained.

Well, I'm so happy to hear everyone is doing well, I will try to come here more often and keep everyone updated! I hope everyone does the same!
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