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group name change... yay or nay.

In an effort to keep the communities together after the babies are born, we are going to be starting Monthly Babies Communities that are for your month only and geared towards keeping the Mom's together to talk not only social, but about developmental issues, behavior, immunizations, feeding, etc., etc.~  i'd like to know if everyone thinks its a good idea to keep this group alive... or if you dont think its worth it. i personally would love to keep it going... i like hearing about all you ladies and how well the babies are progressing!  if you agree and would like the group to stay.. please let me know. also we would like to change the name and we can all vote. any name suggestions would be awesome. here are a few ideas:
-mommy and me
-from cribs to college
-baby talk
-building blocks
-baby daze

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I agree. Keep the forum going.
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i would also like to keep it going and dont mind what it call as long as i can find it
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oh good im sooo glad that you guys want to keep this going. i thought i might be the only one. YAY!
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I'd like to keep it going, too!! As far as a name... I vote Building Blocks as well. Yay!

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I would love it if the group could stay! I really like to hear about how all the September babies are progressing. Hopefully the other ladies feel the same. I really like the name "Building Blocks", I nominate that one.
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