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3 months old baby with RSV virus...(BE AWATE IS A BAD VIRUS)

Ok ladies, so last Thursday I noticed Brandon was coughing more than usual and it sounded like he has mucus when he coughed. I immediately called his doc and scheduled an appt to bring him in. I brought him in on Friday morning to be checked out and it turns out he caught a virus called Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which is basically an infection of the lungs. Even writing this I break in tears to see my little one suffer so much. It's more like a common cold in adults but for kids his age is more like Bronchiolitis. I had to take him to the ER because of the fever and congestion. He has been prescribed antibiotics b/c they also thing there is mild case of pneumonia and begining stages of an ear infection.

How did he get this? Well, I had an idiot if you can even call it that visit my house who was just getting over a cold and apperantly it was passed that way to Brandon.  

Ladies for those of you who have small children, PLEASE PLEASE BE VERY CAAREFUL. This virus is very contagious and even if an adult has a common cold it can be passed to the baby and turn into RSV. Clean all countertops and surfaces where you keep baby stuff and ensure your carpert/hardwood floors are well clean. The virus can live in those kinds of surfaces. EVEN IN CLOTHES!

I was keeping EVERYTHING CLEAN and used handsinatizer each time I handled the baby, but obviously this virus is much stronger and was able to get to my precious child. Believe me, you don't want to have to go through what I went these last few days with a sick child. If you hear your baby sneezing or coughing or anything unusual CALL YOUR DOC! My doc tells me I was pretty lucky to have caught the virus in such an early stage b/c it usually gets babies sick over night and the virus can last for about 10-14 days.

I hope no one else is going through this.... =( I wish it was me and not him being sick.
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Ari, im so sorry to hear that, i hope Brandon gets well soon.  How did they test him for that.
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Hey did a swab test through his mouth and his also was carrying a lot of the symptoms too.He is doing much better now..
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Poor thing! I hope he feels better soon. Give the lil guy a hug for me! I bet he is so squeezable! Jesse is getting chunkier and I love it! =)
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Wow that is actually kind of scary!!  Any by sacry I mean it because I work in the heath care feid and IDK how many people I see come through the doors both paients and residents who are "sick."  Owen has been doing some coughing, not running a fevor, but sneezing a bit too, but no runnie nose... but from what I've been reading all of these things are normal espicially when you live in the Artic... i mean Wisconsin where temps have been close to or below zero for the pas ohhh week plus now.  I haven't called the doc yet, and I'm really not worried about it... unless he begins to spike a fevor and/or his nose begins to run.  Any who... I hope Brandon get better soon!
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Thanks slzerbst, that's how Brandon started though. He was just coughing with no fever or running nose and I was a bit concerned and had him checked out. The illness came out of NO WHERE. He is doing much better and is eating much.
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Oh girl, I am so sorry he got so sick.  I know it is so scary!!!  I am so glad he is doing better!!!

All of my kids have been sick.  Mary is okay for now.  The doc said that the fact that I am still exclusively BF should help her stay well hopefully.  She said the breastmilk has a lot of antiboties that help protect the baby, but I should still keep my sick children away from her as much as possible.  Very hard when they all only have one mama!

Anyway, I am so glad that Brandon is doing better :)
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