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Due Dates!

Here is the list of due dates, please feel free to add yourself if i have missed anyone. Congratulations to all!!

Freya25 – 21st August (Triplets)
Munter – 31st August
Stacey1718 – 5th September
Zakanunu – 6th September
Therese101 – 7th September
Lilsunbeam32 – 7th September
Juana824 – 9th September
Agamommy – 9th September
Mishal143 – 9th September
Amberd5191 – 10th September
Ashmcc – 10th September
SavanahLynne – 10th September
Erinmck32 – 11th September
Michele,Katy, TX – 13th September
NicMom – 15th September
Radhika28 – 15th September
Eachatelain – 16th September
35MumOfBoys – 18th September (Twins)
IsylRylGrl – 18th September
AriQueen – 18th September
Latrice414 – 19th September
Asha1979 – 19th September
Ab06 – 20th September
Laura1985 – 20th September
Bimbicat7 – 25th September
Lisax3 – 25th September
Expectantmom – 26th September
Shawndell – 27th September
wanttobeamumagain – 30th September
StillTrying101 – 30th September
34 Responses
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Wow!!! Congratulations to all!!!
507875 tn?1423163861
Thanks for putting this together!
287246 tn?1318573663
Yes, that is really cool that you did that!!!
635057 tn?1233314073
Wow..so sweet!! Sure u did a goodwork :)

Congrats to everyone..
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Great Job Therese!  Thanks!!
473246 tn?1293837273
What a wonderful list!!!  We can keep track of everyone.  Thanks so much!
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Thanks so much theresa:)
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Yayyy, we got a sticky or posty whatever you call it:)
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Good work! Looks great!
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Ohh this is soo exiting!!! My due date is sep 16,, congratulations to everyone,, n best of luck,
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Ohh so much excitment!!!  My due date is Sept. 3rd.  And congrats to everyone to everyone along with the best of luck and prays!
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Wow, this is amazing! I liked to see myself also out there ;)
Congratulations everyone and good luck!

Im beggining to feel a bit better than last week..im 9w2d now. Atleast some parts of the day i feel good about being pregnant, though evenings are killing now..too much nausea.

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Sept. 2nd, congrats to all!!
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09/01/2009 for me
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Just found out my EDD is 9/13
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Hi Ladies, my EDD is 9/30, 2 days after Aidyn's Birthday!! It will be bitter sweet!!! Congrats to all!! Today we got hear the baby's heartbeat, it was amazing!!
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Welcome Asking~~wink**!!
439903 tn?1380141482
yay T, im so happy were due so close...
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Thanks for this, Therese!! If you ever happen to do an updated one, my date has changed to 9.9.09 (not to impose any work on you, or anything!). I'm glad, too, because that would be better than a 9.11 birthday.
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Congrats to all again!
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Can you add my due date of August 28th?  Expecting my first, so I'm not expecting to give birth until Sept.  Thanks!
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Cangrats! i'm due september 21st :D
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I'm in for 9/7/9
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I thought I was due Oct. 9 but went for my u/s and I'm due Sept. 30!!!
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