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Feet & Leg ache...not cramps

I have been having terrible Feet and leg aches...apart from the cramps. I just cannot walk, if i walk like normal people, my feet are swollen or I have throbbing pain, which extends upto the calf muscles. Especially the sole of my feet is very painful. Is it my footwear? Iv changed so many that I may have to resort to bathroom slippers even to work :-) :-)

My Dr says i need more calcium and she wants me to drink 1 ltr milk a day ...OOOooooooo.
To add to all this, iv been having terrible pain since morning and have forgotten to have or carry the calcium tabs!!!

Anyone else gng thru this agony? Any idea what will help?

32nd week on....
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? when you flex your foot do you have pain in your calf.  sometimes when you flex your foot(point your toes towards your head) and u get pain in calf could indicate a blood clot.  Swelling of feet is normal, try wearing ted stockings, reduce your salt intake and keep your feet elevated when possible.
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What are ted stockings? I feel v hot under my feet though :-) My salt intake is less since the time iv conceived, my mom made sure of that.
Infact im asked to reduce sugar as well since my 1st test flashed it as high, though the 2nd one was quite OK.

dear friend, raising foot etc doesnt help at all.
u know i look tired all the while.

please please check with few others and tell me what to do?
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ted stockings are compression stockings that fit very tight on the legs and feet, they go up to the kness, they even have the ones you can get to go up to the thigh. It helps reduce swelling in legs and feet and it helps with blood circulation in legs.  You can buy them at a nursing uniform store, or ask your dr where to get them or google them online.

Also call your dr to see what he/she suggest you to do.
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