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Got call from Job today.

Well on the 10th i had my dr appt and i got a paper for restrictions from the job,(so i am officially on leave from work) which basicly would be lite duty, i faxed to hospital on the 10th, she called me right back and said i could not return back to work until after i have the baby or restriciton is lifted, they dont offer lite duty to nurses unless hurt on the job.  Im like ok.  

Today i get a call from second job(nursing home) keep in mind i faxed paper to them on the 10th, see told me they dont have lite duty and my options were to QUIT and reapply after the baby OR APPLY FOR LEAVE OF ABSENCE.  WoW.  If i do either or, i would not qualify for unemployment.  I told her to get the form for leave of absence mail it to me and i will look it over cuz im not sure what i want to do.

Well this mourning i applied for unemployment online, i cant beleive she said to quit, even though i have only been with them since march of this year, i made enough money to qualify for unemployment.  Now, i highly doubt they will want to hire me back after i apply for this bcuz im not filing out the form.
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Oh my gosh that woman didn't know what she was talking about. You can also complain to the labor board in your state because they can't do that to you.

Good luck with the unemployment! I hope that process doesn't take too long.
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Wow! Some jobs can be a pain in the you know where! I hope everything works out for you!
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