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Has anyone been thinking about babies 1st B-Day Party?

OK, OK, i no its a little to early to be thinking about b-day parties but i plan things way in advance lol, my sister rubbed off on me.  But has anyone been thinking or planning babies First Birthday?  B4 you no it the month we had our baby showers will be approaching soon, which is not far for some of us:)   If so what is your theme or thoughts thus far.  

I want something where they come in costumes, like super heros and vilians(and on the invitation i will put which character they need to be:), or strawberry shortcake(have everyone wear red).  I also thought about spending the weekend at Wisconsin Dells(thats on the top of my list)  If all else fails, Chuck E. Cheese it is lol.

Anyone else?
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Lol. I haven't really put to much thought into seeing as its gonna be 8 months away! Hmm. There are a lot of things that can come to my mind on what I would love to do for her first birthday! I mean its their first!!! Their last FIRST!!! :( So I would want to do something very memorable. I haven't really thought of a theme or any such thing yet. But I do know I'm not just inviting any and everyone that has kids, its gonna be more of a family and close friends kinda event. :) I'm sure all you ladies will see it, cause I do youtube videos of her and record almost everything imaginable!  I still have time to think about it. :)

But Latrice that seems like a cool idea about the costumes! And fun memories!!!  I think it would be neat to see what everyone would show up as. :)
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LOL next you'll be planning her sweet 16!
I love your idea of the costumes that's really cute. I haven't given it any thought, but I imagine we'll just have a little party here at the house with our family and close friends. Well by little I mean the usual 30+ people. Nothing really special in mind. I love having b-day parties for my son we go all out every year and probably will with Bella too once she's old enough to remember a little more.
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I've thought about it a little, but only because I will have to have THREE b-day parties this summer, plus host a bridal shower!  All I see is $$$$ signs, LoL.

With my other 3 kids, I have (unfortunately?) started a "habit" of pretty elaborate, themed b-day parties.  Now each year, we try to top (or at least match) the standard of previous years. We've done pirates, animal rescue, spa parties, camping, carnivals, fiestas, and luahs, and many more!  (Eli, who'll be 4 next week, is having a "snow" theme. Poor kid had to be born in February, unlike his summer brothers and sister.)

Because of all this, Cooper's party will probably be small, just close family,at my house or my mom's.  And relatively simple, though I'll probably have a theme of some type.
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Not really. I have focused more in his Baptism. I think I'm doing that in June. For his 1st b-day I probably will keep it simple
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I usually keep it simple myself this early.  Actually we always kind of do.  We have so many birthdays, plus Christmas and then summer is always expensive for back to school supplies and clothes, etc.  There is ALWAYS something for someone with 6 kids.  We have parties going on all during the year :)  With the really young ones, it is normally only us and we just buy a cake and a present and sing of course.  As they get older, we kind of let them pick what they want to do.  For example my oldest daughter turned 8 in June.  My husband took her and my next oldest daughter to the movie of the birthday girl's choice.  Then we went out to eat as a family (birthday girl's choice also).  I'm sure we bought her a little something too.  My 7 year old wanted Chuckie Cheese so my husband just took her and her sisters there.  I made a homemade cake. (That is what I have started doing.  I let them pick out what kind of cake they want and then I make it.  It's more personal and less expensive but since I am not working outside of the home now, I can do things like that.  I couldn't before.)  Anyway, we invited a friend over and we sang and ate cake.  Then the girls played for a while.  But just to go to Chuckie Cheese is pretty expensive.  Soooo, that is what we do!
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I am on a "hello kitty" kick.  (LOVIN THIS GIRLY STUFF!) I haven't really been thinking much about the birthday party itself but when I'm ready, I have found a ton of party favors on ebay.  
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