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How big are the babies getting?

Hi Ladies! Carter is 4 months old today and is 13 pounds and 24 inches. I'm curious how big everyone else's little ones are getting? Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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hey lily was 4 months on monday, she is 5.7kg, not sure what that is in pounds, any updated photos of carter?
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Ya know....I was just at the doctor's today and they didn't weigh her.  Well they were going to, but another baby was on that scale and they were suppose to do it before I left but they forgot and I didn't stick around to ask them to do it.  But I know Mary is wearing the 12-18 pound diapers.  They are big on her but she can't wear the 8-14 pounders comfortable anymore.  She is very healthy though...That much I can tell you!!!  Check our my updated pics!
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Sounds like Carter is doing good! Bella iis 4 1/2 months and just shy of 12 pounds.
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Hi, Brandon just turned 3 months on 9/16 and he is 15.2 lbs.
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I'll post a picture now! Sorry ladies...it's been a while!
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Good to hear from you amber, i no the babies have us all occupied these days lol.

at Trinity's 3 month appt she was 14lbs even and 24 inches, i can only imagine what she is going to weigh at her 4 month appt.
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Happy Holiday's Cyber Sisters! Makayla is 17 weeks today and I am not sure what she weighs...we go to the doc on Monday. I pt her on  my digital scale and it said 13lbs, so we will see om Monday!

Miss you all!
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Hi..Abigail just turned 5 months on Sunday and she went to the doc 2 weeks ago and weighed in at 18lbs 7oz. I think most of the weight is in her cheeks...lol Have a Merry Christmas!
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i think lily is 12.5 lbs  i think you times 5.7 by 2.2 to covert over to lbs
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I'm not sure how much Owen weighs either, about a month and a half ago, at his two month cheek up he was weighing 12.5 lbs and mesuring about 24inches, so he's getting big.  Or long really, he is just now beginning to "chunk" out... LoL, he's almost compleatly grown out of the 3-6 month clothes so now I'm having to buy the 6-9 month clothes.  (yey me right?) Any who Merry Christmas to all!
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Levi is now 14 weeks old he is 8.65kg 63cms long ( 19 lb 1.1oz ) hes huge! lol
loving life he is totally breastfed! xx
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Okay so me and Mary were back at the dr. today and she is 13 pounds and I can't remember how many ounces.  LOL!  My my, aren't they growing???!!!
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My Tinka went to the doctor on Monday and she weighs 12lbs 6oz, 23 1/2 inches long...she made 18 weeks on today!!

Happy New Year everyone!!
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Zac is 14 weeks and weighs 15lb and is 25 inches long.
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Matt had his 4 month appt today and he weighed 15 lbs even and 25 inches long. He is very much on the 50% track. The doc was very impressed with his head control and the fact that he can roll belly to back and back to belly.
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