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How is everyone doing?

Ladies, sorry I have been so IMA lately...you know dealing with baby, work, school it’s quite overwhelming. Just touching base to see how everyone is doing. Well, a little update on Brandon. He is now 7 months and quite big let me tell you. He is sitting up quite well but has not mastered crawling forward yet. He is standing up with almost no support. I think he will walk before he crawls….LOL

What’s the latest on your kids? Keep me posted.
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Mary is just the sweetest thing.  She just got over an ear infection but is doing well now.  She will be 8 months on the 10th and I just can't believe it!  She doesn't sit unassisted yet but almost.  She will pull herself up to a sitting position in her swing so I def use the seat belt!  She loves hugs and kisses and loves me to kiss her hands :)  She has 2 teeth!  OUCH!!!

Sorry to cut it short but I have to go get my older girls from school!!

Take Care,
Michele and Mary
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Hi ladies, i miss you all, and yes having baby and other kids and work etc it makes for a busy day.  Trinity is such a lovable baby, everyone loves her.  She bables like crazy, sitting by herself, crawling, she has even crawled up 4 stairs(time for a gate) she can pull her self up to standing position and will take steps around that object.  I got mastitis last tuesday (OMGosh) i hear about it but to have it.  My boob swoll up as big as her head if not bigger, it was so bad they had to give me 2 doses of IV antibiotics in the hospital, it just happended all of a sudden.  At that point i decided i was going to be done nursing Trintiy:(  The meds im on the Dr does not reccomend breastfeeding, he said to pump and dump if im going to continue breastfeeding after the course.  She is a little fussy but she is getting use to not being nursed, and we had switched to nite nursing for the last4 months so she is use to formula during day.  No teeth yet, glad everyone is doing well.  My home daycare should be up and running by october and i can enjoy a lot more time with Trintiy, I just hate it took this long for me to do it.

Latrice & Trinity
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Wow, seems like all the kids are growing fast! Brandon has no teeth yet...he does sit up by himself but not quite crawling on his own. He pushes forward and backwards, rolls around REALLY FAST from side-to-side. I think part of the problem is he is too chunky! He babbles like crazy too. Definitely has an attitude like his mommy...he gets so angry it's not even funny, especially if you take something away or don't allow him to reach for something. We had to lower his crib because he managed to pull himself up and was looking down as if he was jumping out the crib! Quite scary.

I'm glad to hear from everyone. I MISS U ALL TOO =)
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Where has time gone!? Remember last year it was crawling by as we waited for these little ones to arrive?

Bella will be 9 months old on the 15th. She's still a tiny baby and only weighs 15.5 pounds. She's crawling all over the place! She also climbs up anything standing still and walks while holding onto things like the couch or a toy. She's got two teeth and says Mommy and Daddy.

The last few weeks have been crazy with her. She's climbing out of the crib, falling all over the place, only will eat what we are eating, and doesn't want to sleep anymore. I think she'll be walking way early.
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Wow, good for you!  Running a daycare sounds a fabulous option, letting you be with your baby all day AND making some $$$!  Good luck!
I wish I had done that before I started teaching so I could've stayed with them while they were little, but we've always barely had enough room in our home for our own kids! LOL
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Hi Girls,

Sorry for being away this long...it was wonderful to read the lovely cute updates.
Kisori is now 8 months-3 weeks.She has been sitting since she was 5 months, she never liked tummy time,so she sits and moves forward but doesnt crawl :( She holds onto her crib rails and stands ..only to scare us! Day before she held my hubby's hand and stood up by herself,it was so cute:)
In April she blabbered mamamma...papappaaa..a lot..just a day before our wedding anniversary,but now she doesnt say mummamaaamaa..anymore:( instead she has been blabbering in her language since yester.
She holds her toy or spoon or her clips bag and wouldnt let it go even while she is sleeping,its cute to c her like that.
She has become a fussy eater:( wakes up about 2-3 times at night,any suggestions? She is becoming my pet,doesnt want me to even leave the room to go pee also! its becoming tiring and tuft.i was on leave for about 10 days and now she is with my mom since iv joined back,she cries a lot!
She loves to hug me and give me a wide mouthed kiss:) No teeth yet!!
Can hold and walk...cheers!
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WOW this is crazy how time flys!!  I'm going back to school beginning in June, so I prolly won't be on here alot, cuz I am going to try and do as good as possible etc.  

Any who... Owen is getting big he's weighing around 25ish pounds, he's quite the chunker!!  But I love him!!  He started carwing yesterday offically... for the past month he's been scooting around on his belly and rolling from side to side to get places, but now he's crawing!!  Any who I have been having some crazy dream, two days ago I had a dream that he'd be crawling... and the next day he was, then last night I had a dream that he would be cutting teeth, and that's exactully what he's doing!!  CRAZY!!  Oh and there was another dream about him pulling himself up in his crib and we'll he's doing that as well.  He's been sitting unsupported for about a month now, but within the past few days he's mastered sitting up all on his own!!  I'm so proud of my son... and I'm happy that everyone here is able to share these milestones with me!!  I really don't know who else would care about all of these things, I mean besides close family members!!  Any who I hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather!!  
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