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I have swine flu

Hi ladies hope all's well. I have been unwell for 4 days, it started sunday with a sore throat then everyday since i have got worse. Today i feel horrid and the doctor said its swine flu, he gave me some medication called relenza its an inhalation type, dr said its safe to take in pregnancy but really dont like taking it. I hope i feel better soon because i miss my son and want him to come home (he's with my mum for a few days until i feel better) Just wanted to tell you ladies that as soon as you feel unwell please go straight to the dr and not leave it like i did thinking its just a bad cold. Wanted to tell everyone as im feeling sorry for myself. Kelly x
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I'm sorry to hear that Kelly. =[ I hope you do feel better soon. You and baby are in my prayers and hoping you get better soon. Get some rest, and update us soon.
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I had the flu a few weeks back, hope you feel better soon!
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Oh that stinks to be sick in the summer and while pregnant is just not fair! I hope you feel better soon.
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How awful! I really hope you feel better soon!
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Hope u feel better soon, your in my prayers
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Stay positive, keep up the spirit..it will help u get well soon. Im keeping u in my prayers!
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Thanks ladies i feel 10 times better today thanks to the medication i started yesterday. Im drinking plenty of water and getting lots of rest. Thankyou all again. Kelly x x
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I'm sorry you have been sick BUT I am so glad you are beginning to feel better :)  Take care and know you are in our thoughts and prayers!
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I'm glad you're starting to feel better! I'll be praying for you and baby, hope to hear you're all well again VERY soon!
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