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Is your baby teething yet?

Trinity has not had a rash on her face but she has really being going at those fingers of hers, one day i thought she was gona try and put her whole fist in her mouth to chew it. i try to keep a bib on her bcuz she drools so much that it will soak the bib.  I think she is teething.
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Both of my babies are teething. I bought some baby oral gel and it helps a little. They don't like taking it but helps them, especially the nightime formula. I bought them 3 different teething binky and teething rings but they are not working. I don't think I am ready for this stages (the more fussy stage)....lol.
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Sounds like she is teething to me.  So is Mary.  She drools constantly and I too keep a bib on her and she soaks it quickly.  She is also chewing on her fists and her gums have gotten really hard.  I can sure feel it when she nurses if she decides to bite down.  BUT I did read once that babies can actually start teething as early as 2 months but can still not have a tooth actually spout out for several more months.  I've had my babies w/ a tooth as early as 5 months old and as late as 8 months old.  So it varies.
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I think Brandon is teething too. He too drools like crazy and puts everything in his mouth. He also plays with the nipple while being fed.
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Hey, Iv been thinking about Kisori teething since she has been a month old.hahaha, its all because she was busy biting my nipples while feeding.
Currently she drools over everything, starts with the thumb and then one by one each finger gets into her mouth, she licks her palm..then rubs it over her mouth.Its damn funny and too cute.
Iv started with the teething ring, which she holds tight in her fist but refuses to push in her mouth.

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My girlies have become bears lately thanks to teething.  I hear they have teething tablets  out now, anyone tried them (disolving?)  We have some teething gel but it;s not easy to get on the right spot of those little aching gums.
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Levi has 2 teeth already he's 4 months old :)
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