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Just a Weekly update for all the September Mommies to be!!

Decided to post this just to get everyone all here together on the same page of everyone else...

So, how far are you this week? When is your next appointment? What symptoms/problems have you come across thus far (for the ones that are just behind you)? When will you be (hopefully) finding out, team blue or team pink, OR what team are you on already?

Just all the basics, were almost to the half way point and hopefully all enjoying the fun and not so fun 'stuff' we endure during pregnancy!!

ASM, i will be 15 weeks on Wednesday, they THINK i am on team Blue (my mothers instinct says i am) My next appointment is Friday 4/10, they are going to check again and hopefully this time is will be much more apparent!! My energy is coming back and my frequent trips to the bathroom arent as frequent as just a few weeks ago, thats NICE!!!! TMI, i tend to still get a lot of gas and sometimes its really painful =(   slight nausea time to time, usually in the mornings after brushing my teeth. I am pretty positive that i have felt the baby move AT LEAST once but i think ive felt it like 3 or 4 times now....just within the last 2-3 weeks. So thats about it for me....Cant believe im still here with all of you!! Cant wait to hear all about everyone and how things are going!!

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Hey AMberlee...you know what's going on with me..BEDREST! LOL...I am feeling better though...I have another doctor's appointment on Thursday...I have been feeling the baby move more often...
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Glad to hear all is well.

Everything is good here. Feeling the baby every day now. My skin is stretching on my belly now if I get bloated at all I'm so uncomfortable. I have more energy, but I notice that I can get worn down really easily. When I'm tired that's it I'm tired no messing around I have to lay down and take a nap. My appetite is crazy! I'm always hungry and or thirsty. It's a nice change from the first few months.

Last ultrasound says it's a girl I posted pics. My next appointment is April 30th and I'll be sure to post an update then. Oh I had my triple screen last week no news is good news!

Hope all the other mommies are feeling well!
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I will be 15 weeks on wed. and I have been feeling the baby move for the past 2 weeks off and on. Today and yesterday was the first time I felt a hard kick/movement! I was standing and was like "whoa!!!" The baby kicked really hard! I was so happy. Today I have felt movements a lot, and some days none. But I try not to worry about that so much as I know movements will be more consistent later on. I am still nauseous a lot, not all day like I used to be, but off and on. I still throw up every morning, sometimes twice. I hope it all eases up soon though. I do have more energy, but my pelvis, vaginal area, lower tummy and inner thighs have been really sore and hurting me lately. I think things are stretching. So it's hard to stand or walk long distances. I'm just happy to be in the second trimester!! =) My next appt. isn't until May 6.
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Hey ladies, im glad all is well with everyone.  I had my OB appt on the 3rd and had the blood draw for the quad screen.  I will be 17weeks friday, Whoo Hoo.  I have also felt the baby move off and on and i get very excited.  My son has started reading to the baby and it is so funny. He comes get in my bed b4 he goes to sleep and introduces hisself, hey little brother or sister this is your big brother LaDell and im going to read you a bed time story. I thought it was so cute, some days i hear him on the phone telling his friends he reads to the baby.  We are all excited this way about this baby.

I just scheduled my anatomy U/S and it will be on the 21st this month, then i go back to see my Ob on the 1st of May.  I hope they are able to get a clear shot of the gender bcuz i wont be getting any more U/S unless there is complications, what a bummer.

My energy level has picked up, and ive tried to BD twice with DF last week (only for his sake) I thought preggo women love to BD this far in pregnancy, Im like only 5% in the mood, meaning the thought is nice, but not to really act it out lol.

I worked 16 hours yesterday for the first time and woke up with hurting muscles, the feeling when you never exercised and you start, and everything just hurts, OMG im in pain.

DF still has not found a job:(  in his field, and the hospital he applied to is a 6 month application process just for them to tell you yes or no if you got the job, WTH, thats a long time, so we have til July to get a response back.  Meanwhile, he is searching for any job that will hire him.

Im so happy to still be here with everyone, just a question, has anyone entertained the thought of if they will try to conceive again after baby is born.  DF would like 2 kids, i thought about if i do decide to, it will be like 8 months after the baby is born, i was just wondering if anyone else was thinking that far ahead, sorry, sometimes i think like a year in advance lol.
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Latrice- DH and I have already decided that we will wait until next summer and then will start ttc again. We figure if we start in June the baby will be about 9 months old at that time. We're taking a trip to Maui for our anniversary and we plan on starting while on that trip.
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More kids for me ?  LOL  ...HECK NO!  =)

Latrice that is so sweet about your little boy reading to the baby already.  AWWW

Speaking of reading to the babies, this weekend, my hubby and I bought 5 books for infants.  Mostly farm animal books and we found this John Deere tractor book that was really neat.  (MY hubby's family is big in farming.)

I also got another set of girl/boy outfits.  I know I shouldn't be doing all this shopping already.  Note to self:  it's still too early - must stop shopping~~~

I am so paranoid.  I feel baby movements all the time but the last two days I feel like I am only feeling them on one side which has me worried that there's only one twin moving.   I am such a worry wort.  My next appt is next Thursday, April 16 (official
anatomy scan.)  I considering phoning the dr about this decrease in fetal movement.  But I keep telling myself no, it's probaby my imagination or maybe that the baby's have moved positions and are more to the right now...  I wish I didn't worry so much.  

~35Mom 17 weeks
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Good morning ladies,

I will be 19 weeks on friday...woo hoo!  I feel really good and have energy.  I get tired some afternoons and take naps but my headaches seem to be fewer and my monster hunger and nausea have eased off.  I'm feeling almost normal. (knock on wood!!!!)

I have not worked for about 6 weeks because I had a subchorionic bleed and was put on partial bedrest.  Last week showed that it is starting to heal nicely so I will be back at work next week.  It is going to be difficult to get back into the routine!

I feel the baby move quite often.  Some days more than others.  I am a little paranoid so I have rented a fetal heart dopler so if I start feeling nervous I can hear the heartbeat at any time.  It is really helping me stay relaxed and I highly recommend it.

My belly is definitely starting to grow and I do get bloated and feel stretched if I eat too much or too fast!  I'm still having some trouble trying to sleep on my left side all the time.  I wake up on my back and have to keep flipping over, and then my back aches a bit.

Next appts: Anatomy scan April 15, OBGYN follow up April 29

All in all this is a good week for me.  I hope things continue and I can start to enjoy and feel relaxed about this pregnancy!

Due date: Sept 5
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im so glad that over all everyone is doing really well!! i must admit, i am a bit jealous!! ive only felt the baby move i know once, possibly a couple times, and it was early last week....i wasnt at my ideal weight before the pregnancy (gained weight during my deression over the loss of Aidyn) but i was starting to feeling Aidyn when i was 18-19 weeks (just flutters here and there). with this baby being number 2, i was hoping i would start feeling him more at least by now...ill be 15 weeks tomorrow, and have an appointment friday, i plan on saying something but you know what they are going to say, your still pretty early....what do you guys think? should i at least be feeling something already? more then what i have? why do we have to be such worriers? i just want to relax!!
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I think at 15 weeks it's pretty normal to feel only occasional flutters.  Especially since you just had a baby not too long ago (I'm so sorry for your loss) and you had gained weight which makes it thicker in there so it's harder to feel the movements.  Some people don't even feel movements till 20 weeks or so!  

I know how you feel about worrying.  Glad I'm not the only one but I hate it for us.  I have been feeling the babies move, alot but then the last two days it's only only on one side and I'm kinda getting worried...

My prayer is that God gives us peace and reassurance but most of all, health and safety (for our little ones) ~ throughout the rest of our pregancies!
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So, how far are you this week? As of today I am 18w5d  (official due date 9/3/09)

When is your next appointment?   April 17, but I got an appt for lab work on Weds

What symptoms/problems have you come across thus far (for the ones that are just behind you)?   Had some spotting early on...resolved, had small gestational sac....resolved,  At last anatomy scan...they told me baby was two weeks behind and I have the diagnosis of small for gestational age.....unresolved.

When will you be (hopefully) finding out, team blue or team pink, OR what team are you on already?   I should have found out if pink or blue last friday, but baby didn't cooperate at the ultrasound.   So maybe i will find out on 4/17/09 at which point I will be 20w1d and God willing all is still okay.

You didn't have this on your questions, but I thought I would another category called OTHER....which is my case is i can't sleep or get comfy at night,  I'm tired of taking injects for blood clotting, for some reason I watch discovery health a lot - the baby shows, I'm cranky, my house is a disaster and I haven't the energy to get control back, I'm tired of drinking so much water and I'm hungry all the time.

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LOL!    Oh my goodness...this is my though exactly.   "I thought preggo women love to BD this far in pregnancy, Im like only 5% in the mood, meaning the thought is nice, but not to really act it out lol."
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Well this week has been relatively uneventful for me...(Knock on wood). I'm at work...12 hour shifts still...(snore) lol. Exhausted...I feel like I should smack myself...I have 22 credits this semester to finish my bachelors degree. Ultrasound on Monday (keep your fingers crossed we can tell the gender please).

For now...I guess I'll get back to work. :)
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