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Just heartburn or reflux?

Hi Ladies. Well here I go. I think I'm going to (eventually) go in (especially if I continue to feel like this). I have had really bad reflux and am taking Zantac...(kind of helps). However, today my stomach is burning. I mean it literally feels like it is on fire (for about 3 1/2 hours now) and my back is killing me. Anyone go through this? Gosh I hope it's not an ulcer and I've been pushing the nausea and vomiting off on the pregnancy. But I feel yucky.

Oh I also am lucky enough to have an abcess (on my butt ouch)...that I need to go to the clinic for (Friday is my next day off) It's hot to touch and painful. Goodness. I think I just need to go home and crawl in bed and take a nice long nap! lol.
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Oh goodness!!!  If your stomach does not feel better tomorrow go see your doctor.  Did you eat anything spicy?  Maybe an allergy?  Just keep watch for any other symptoms.  Hopefully it will pass.  When I have had heartburn it is definitely in the upper regions of my chest...not my stomach.  And sorry about the abcess....what next huh??
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I had a chicken strip that was it just 1. lol.
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I get horrible heartburn from EVERYTHING I eat, but it always goes away with a few tums. I would ask the dr about it. That can't be good for you. Poor thing I hope you got that nap in.
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You can also get burning in your stomach from not eating enough. You might try a day of eating every couple hours and only eating bland stuff (nothing spicy, acidic, or sugary).
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im very much with you. my state is as bad, i have pain in my stomach and i can only stare at food and wonder how tasty it would be. the moment i put it in my mouth, my thrat burns as though someone in there lighted a matchstick...{without exaggeration}
then i think i have heart burn and the upper end of my stomach pains sometimes when im in deep sleep and try to turn side. anything i eat lands up in bloating my tummy, gas is there..but cannot escape :( also after eevrything i put in my tummy i need to visit the loo to download it.
worse was this morning, i was suddenly too thirsty in the bathroom, so got DH to bring some water, within seconds of drinking, i puked out everything..too much water, much more than i actually drank.
then i just had 3 biscuits and buttermilk for breakfast.
i have no idea what to do, what to eat...doctor says its constipation..dun wana believe her.
i feel like crying :( :(
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It's horrible. Radhika28- I don't think that sounds like constipation. :(
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Amberd, it could be GERD. If it continues to be real bothersome, I would call the doc. I suffer with heartburn really bad, if I eat or not...the TUMS help for a little bit, but it usually comes back within an hour...Also, try sleeeping with your head elevated. My husband and I both have blankets tucked under the head of our mattress and that seems to hale a little also!

Hope you feel better soon!
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Yes Amberd, even i agree it is not constipation.
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How are you feeling amber any better?
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I am...She gave me prilosec which she said is category c but she feels comfortable prescribing it. She thought the the burning I was desribing sounded like the acid was doing some damage. So far I feel a bit better! Thank you for asking.

I just got home from urgent care...Got an antibiotic for myself as my abcess was infected. Oh and the main reason we went....My 3 year old was playing with Mya (the dog) and he tripped and hit his head on the door frame. He now has 5 staples in his head, he is so tough he didn't cry once not even during the numbing process...(ouch) I added a picture to my profile of his head...
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This has happened to me and after I was home for 45mins rolling and crying in bed, my husband decided to take me to the hospital.  A battery of test were done to check my kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach etc. just to make sure it was nothing in there bothering me.  Luckily everything came back fine and the doctor stated it was acid reflux and prescribed some medication which kinda helps.  The pain was unbearable...Ugh
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