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Lost 8 lb in a week

So besides the horrible morning sickness!! I lost 8 lb this week, I still haven't gotten better, I'm 9 weeks pregnant, I've been in the hospital 3 times because I get dehydriared, nothing stays down, sometimes not even water, I'm just soo exusted,, I have no energy,, please tell me ladies what do I do???
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What does your doctor say???  Does your doc have you on any kind of medication for the vomitting and nausea??

I was in the hospital about 3 weeks ago for the same thing and my doc did say there was a service to where you can actually go home on an IV.  This may be what you need to do for right now.  Another MH poster told me about a medicine called Anzemet that helped her.  That's what my doc was going to put me on (I took that in the hospital), but when I got out to get it filled, it was super expensive even with insurance.  The most common medications for this are Zofran and Phenergan.

I am so very sorry as I know how you feel.  I was out of my medicine yesterday and came to work knowing the day would be harder, but I couldn't hold anything down.  I tried Gold Fish and peanuts and I just had to have my door shut all day and have my trash can near me.  It has been terrible and I just cannot wait until I am well into my 2nd trimester.  

I don't know if this is your first, but this normally will go away by week 13 or so.  And I know that seems like forever right now.  That's how I feel too.

Are you working??  This is very difficult to get through when you work.  The days just drag on and you just count down until you can go to bed for the night.  It's the only break from it.

I really hope you feel better soon!!!
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Well my doctor told me about the if your talking about, I'm going in tommorow he told me he might do that or he might keep me until the food can stay down,, oh I'm up to 10 on today,, yes this is my first,  I'm very happy but very sick, today was prob one of the worst days, thank you for your advice,,
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Please keep us posted about your doc appt.  I am so sorry.  I know this is awful!
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I know exactly what you are going through, I have done this exact same thing every pregnancy. It is miserable. I will keep you in my thoughts, please keep us updated!
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I got on the scale this morning and have dropped eight pounds too...it is hard for me to even keep water down at times and the Zofran works when it wants to...I hope I don't get hospitalized...I go back to the doctor on Thursday...

Lachula20 - I wish you the best of luck and pray that you start to feel better soon...
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