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Hi ladies!  I was just wondering how all of you and all the babies are doing????

Mary is doing very well.  She has her 3rd tooth coming in and will be crawling any minute!!  She is such a sweetie pie.  They say she is down on her weight, but she looks very healthy to me!!!

Anyway, I sure hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer.  I prefer the cold because it is so dang hot in the South, but my kids stay sick when it's cold too so I don't miss that.  I enjoy the break from school, even though I do lessons w/ my kids daily to keep them in the swing of things and keep their minds active.  The break from homework is nice though.

Miss you all and hope everyone is safe and well!!

Michele and Mary
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Michelle!!!! How are you?? Ladies, I apologize for being MIA lately. My hands are completely full. Between finishing up my MBA, Brandon, full-time job, being a wife, and trying to maintain a personal life....I barely get to log in here. Sigh....anyways, Brandon is doing GREAT. He has two toofys coming in so he has been VERY cranky, running a slight fever, and drooling like crazy. He is starting daycare next Monday...my mom has to go back home so I have no choice but to stick him in daycare. I'm hoping he does well. I'm still looking for a living nanny but have not had much success with that. Most of the nannies or au pairs want like 1500 per month!...That's quite a lot of money. Anywho...who is everyone doing? Brandon is standing up and almost walks of course holding himself onto something. He has mastered crawling so I'm pretty excited. DH and I are great too...don't have much time for each other but we are getting better at it now. I'm super excited that school is over b/c I'll get to send my stepson over to granny for a WHOLE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! One less chore for me. YAY, LOL I love him to death but he can be a handful sometimes.

Keep me posted girls....
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Hi Ladies,

Glad to hear how far all the babies have come, i had a look at my tracker before and i cant believe that Lily will be 1 in 65 days, its insane! I'm pretty sure this time last year I was complaining on how slow my pregnancy was going. I now understand when people say they don't know where the time goes!

Well this week has been a big one for us, Lily's 7th tooth is on its way through. I think this one has been the best so far. To my shock she took her first steps this week, i was so happy that DH was able to see her first! She now says mumma and dadda, and waves bye to people when they leave the room. She is an expert at feeding herself, just need to teach her how to use some utensils lol!  

Hope to hear some more updates from all of the other Sept mummies!

Therese and Lily
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7th tooth! Wow! Bella just cut tooth 3 and 4 last week. She's standing on her own, but not trying to take that first step just yet. She also is saying a few words mama, dada, no, and oggie (for doggie). She tries to clap but just ends up waving her arms all around like crazy it's so funny.

I'm glad to hear you guys are doing well.

Michele I think Bella and I are going to be in your area the end of July. I skipped out on the river trip this week, but plan on seeing my sister for her birthday at the end of next month. I'll keep you posted!
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Hi ladies, im gladd all of you and the kids are doing well. Trinity is a hand full, much attitude like her momma:) She is standing and trying to take some steps. She is not to interested in tale food at the moment. she has her two lower teeth:) and likes to naw on my arm and cheek. She says mommmm, top(for stop) dell(DS)and if i call my imediate family names like granny, ti ti etc she will look at those people. at 5 months they put her on the toddler side in daycare, they said she needed more stimulaiton, although she couldnt walk she was keeping up with them kids.  Its amazin how the time has went y so fast.  I miss you all, and i miss eing preggo. She is now 21 pounds, dr said does not look like any more teeth will e coming in no time soon
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I am so glad all of you ladies are doing well and babies too!!!

Nicole, I will be looking forward to it!  Please do keep me posted!!!
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Hi ladies,

Boy I miss having time to be on here! I'm working on my Master's and life has been a little hectic. Carter has an ear infection and my oldest son has pneumonia. Lets see, I am positive Carter will walk before he gets any teeth (yep he has none!). He is walking around the furniture and letting go and doing it like a pro so it is only time before he decides it is time to walk alone.

I sure do miss reading updates from everyone, and waiting to hear when all of our babies were born...time goes too fast.
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