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Miss you ladies.....

I know we don't get on here like we used to, but I just wanted to let you all know that I think of you often and miss talking to you all!  Would love any updates!!!

Mary just turned 14 months old last week.  She is being very lazy about walking.  She just doesn't want to do it.  She is fine and I know that.  I am not worried.  Some babies just like to take their time, like my sweet Mary.  She is doing well.  Now if I could just wean her.....

I hope you are all doing well!!!
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Even i miss being here...it was so lovely when we were pregnant, we updated almost every quarter of the Day;)
Kisori is going to complete 15 months soon, she is a chatterbox..all in her baby lang..ofcourse she says a few words like nanana(banana), yes, No no no, Mumma, papa, Bol, bau(ball), Nooo (nose)..hahahaha
We got her 1st haircut done yester and she is sucha darling.
we took her for a vacation to the city of Oz..it was nice and she was amaxingly accomodative:-) Hubbyz getting closer to her is what i like.

where are all you guys?
has anyone started cup instead of bottle for milk?

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Hi everyone, i miss you guys too.  I even miss being preggo and would like one more but thats another story.  Trinity is 15 months and running, she is a chatter box also, she loves to repeat after you, we do the my baby can read videos so she is putting one and one together and realizing i can say more than whats on these videos, the cuttest phrase i love is when she says hi dell(her big brother) its just so darn cute.  She is coming along so well i just lover her so much.

Miss you all love Latrice and Trinity,  i will post a pic soon of her.
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I too miss being pregnant at times although i do remeber the pain i waas in and have to remind myself of that but im sure we are designed to forget the pains so we have more children, i want four children so we may try for number 4 nxt yr and hopefully get ur much longed for lil girl.
miss you guys heaps i used to get on here everyday and often twice but im so short on time now levi is doing well is 15kg! and a big boys walking well and starting to run! loves his brothers and is super funny and cute! has the curliest hair ever!
hope all of u are well xxx
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It has been too long, I think we are all so busy. Bimbicat7 - Good luck!

I was just reading some old journals which was a walk down memory lane. :) Carter is 15 months and he is always moving, he goes up and down the stairs and climbs everything! It is so much fun, he is so little that you would expect him to still be a "baby". He is only is the 12th percentile still. I posted a few new pictures.

My brother had a baby in September and there is a picture of Carter at 14 months and his baby at 1 month in the infant carseat to compare their sizes (I was babysiting).

I sure do miss all you wonderul ladies!

NicMom- If you see this, I can't wait to see that BFP post, good luck; I've been keeping you in my thoughts! :)

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Thanks Amber for posting.  I sure miss you all too.

Nicole, I want to see that BFP for you as well!!!
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