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Posted in gen forum also- cramps or preterm labor signs?

I have a question about BH vs cramping and when to call the ob. I'm trying to make it one whole month without having to go in between appointments. I know it's silly, but seriously I feel like such a nerd calling and going in all the time.

So here is the deal. Friday I had BH all day then they let up Saturday morning. Since then I've been really crampy. Like period crampy off and on, but not having the BH. Question is should I call or not? I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Seattle and will be out of town until Sunday night. If I have to go in I'd rather do it here with my ob, but what if it's nothing again. I'm so paranoid about preterm labor.

Oh and the history is with my first pregnancy I went into preterm at 19 weeks and by 21 weeks was dialated to 1 then 26 weeks was dialated to 2 and 80% effaced. I spent the rest of the pregnancy on bedrest and had my ds at 36w 5d. This time around all has been quite so far at my last appointment on the 30th my cervix was still 4cm, but ugh these cramps. It's almost like when you have the stomach flu, but I don't have any bm problems (tmi sorry).

Suggestions? Is this normal stretching at 22 weeks? The belly appears to be growing by leaps and bounds. Or is this a sign of a problem?

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Nic, I understand what your saying,,,  for heaven's sake I went to the L & D yesterday because I had fluid leaking and thought it was my amniotic fluid but it was just pee because of the babies weight on my bladder.  LOL  

...But my dr. told me I did the right thing by calling her.  She said I should have called her sooner, in fact.  She is taking my history of preterm labor very seriously, thank God.

Call your dr, hun.   ...They deal with this kind of stuff all the time.  Now is the critical time you should be extra careful, after all...  22 weeks is too early for Bella to come.  If they check you now and you're in labor, there are things that can be done.  Don't wait till it's too late, which is my biggest fear.  

Also, there's a new test out called "fetal fibronectin," which can be done **AFTER** 23 weeks, it will tell the dr. if we are going into labor within the next two weeks.  They didn't have this test 11 years ago when I went through this.  Mention it to your dr. and maybe they'll keep a check on you.

Also, your cervix looked good last week, at 4 cm but keep in mind that once it starts to dilate, it can happen very quickly, within a matter of hours, in fact, depending on the person.  

I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just validating your concerns.   =)  Take Care!!   I can totally relate after having 3 premature deliveries myself and twins on the way.

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I completely agree with 35Momofboys.  Call your ob.  You have a history of preterm labour and have every reason to be concerned.  If the BH are as frequent as you said, that alone is reason to call.  Plus the fact that you are going away for a few days!  Yes...definitely call.

Don't be concerned about inconveniencing your ob.  That is what they are there for.  Your main priority is you and your little one.  Everyone will feel good, your ob included, if you get checked to confirm everything is a-ok!

Good luck!
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Thanks! That's what I needed I just feel like such a tard calling their office about stuff like this when my cervix keeps measuring fine. It's just that last time I went from normal to serious preterm in a matter of days so I'm really paranoid. Like with you it was 11 years ago.

I guess I just need to put my mind at ease before I take off tomorrow. I'd rather have to see my own ob 5 minutes from my house than try to find an emergency room in Seattle.

I ended up calling and I'll let you know what they say. Thanks again.
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Thats what the Dr.s Get paid for, give them a ring.   When you said your cervix is 4cm what do you mean? Dilated or 4cm__________ i got a little lost on that one.
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Always call when in doubt...that's why they give us their numbers! LOL

Please keep us posted! We want to see Bella, but not this soon!
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My cervix was just over 4cm long and now it's right at maybe just under 4cm. I went into the dr and they did check me out. I'm not dialated at all so that's good. They think I had a bad day for bh on Friday and I already knew that. The pain I'm having now is ligament pain. She ended up telling me to go pick up a belly belt because the baby has been growing so much and with all the contractions last week my ligaments and muscles are just wiped out. So belly belt and spending more time relaxing rather than running around like a crazy person just until the pain gets better. I don't see the relaxing part happening any time soon, but I'm glad to know it wasn't something serious.

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