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Teething Tricks?

Hey all. Hope everyones babies are doing wonderful!! Mickey is cutting his first tooth, and I was wondering if anyone knows any 'tricks' to help ease the discomfort? I use the Orajel, but I feel horrible doing it initially, because if you've ever put it in your own mouth to see what its like, its an ASSAULT on your mouth!!! They say don't freeze teething rings, because that hurts, and Mickey doesn't seem to enjoy the ones I've had in the fridge. I'm just looking for some advice on how to help him right now! Any suggestions are appreciated! :)
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Mary's first tooth popped through, literally, the day she turned 6 months old.  That was her bottom, left tooth.  Now the bottom right one is coming through.

I do let her chew on my fingers and she chews on her own as well.  She just loves them, until she bites herself!  It's hurts!!!  I am still exclusively breastfeeding, and can I just say "Oh my gosh"!!

If I see she is really bothered or in pain, I give Mary Tylenol or Motrin.  They can start to have Motrin once they hit the 6 month mark.  It helps Mary a lot.  The teething has really been a big problem at night so that is what I suggest.  Perfectly safe as well and might help you get a decent night's sleep :)
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I use teething tablets. It's all natural and you can pick them up at any grocery store in the baby isle. Right now Bella is working on her two top teeth so she's turned into the Teething Moster again. They don't taste bad at all and disolve right away.

Another great tip is to use one of those little mesh food rings. Probably a horrible description it looks like a pacifier, but with a mesh bag that you can put food into. I put cold apples in there and she can chew like crazy on them, but can't bite parts off and choke. I found those at the grocery store and at babies r us next to the baby food grinders.
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I agree with Latrice. Also, my cousin used to put ice in a baggie and let them chew on it...MaKayla chews the back of her paci, the bottom of her bottle and anything she can fit into her mouth including my cheeks!! LOL
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Trinity always bits on her hands so i bought a teething ring that is off a hand(it was at target) also she dont use a pacifier but i noticed her chewing on the bottle nipple when her gums hurt so i bought one of those pacifiers they give you at the hospital and she will chew on it like crazy.  I also have one of those mouth brushes, i put it on my finger and massage her gums, she really likes that.  Its just so sad to see them so uncomfortable and agitated.
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