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Why the first trimester *****

Morning sickness -aka sicker than a dog all day long sickness
Constipation -it's just not normal to go one or two times a week
Lack of sleep at night - rolling around the bed all night long only to be woken up at 5am wanting to puke
Lack of energy durring day - by 1pm I'm a walking zombie
Bloating - don't look pregnant, just fat, nothing fits
headaches- the worst part is not being able to take anything for them, tylenol is a mean joke
Boobs- don't touch them, look at them, or even think about them they hurt so bad
Skin- I am fighting back my inner 13 year old as she plays havoc with my face

Did I forget anything?
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Oh my god I can't believe med help wont' let you say the word s u c k s. HA HA
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I am sooo with you,, can this be normal!!! Life *****, I'm so happy for my baby but man I never thot it would be this bad,,, you know what worries me is that no food is stayng down so my baby is not getting food, ok going to the doctor Monday hopefully he can help.
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I feel you guys on this, it S U-CKS. I feel sick as i type, i had oatmeal, OJ and a fruit cup 30min ago and i am breathing slowly so that it wont come back up. I have not been vomitting but nauseated as h eck it feels like i want to vomitt. My mom said only 4 more weeks and 2nd tri-mester should be better, i hope so.  My cousin in preggo and due aug 25 and she said she is sick as a dog, but she was not like that with her 1 1/2 year old.
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Oh don't I know it ladies......This is just terrible.  I wish I didn't have to go to work.  I shouldn't say that with the job market and all, but it is very difficult to get up every morning.  And then the day just drags on.

If you can't keep anything down, I suggest you def letting your doctor know.  I told my doc and he put me on the hospital for 3 nights to get me fluids and a bland diet (last week).  It was nice to not have to move except to go to the bathroom.  Certainly not the case at my crazy house :)

All of you,
Make sure to look in the bottom right hand corner at the Morning Sickness Remedies.  It doesn't help me much, but it may halp some of you.
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I just got off a conference call where I was one of the presenters and in the middle of my demo I had to mute the phone and puke in a trashcan next to my desk.

I am counting down the minutes until my first trimester is over.
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Hi ladies. I know exactly how all of you feel. Vomiting ,headaches, nausea, Constipation etc. I talked to my doctor and told her i thought it may be my prenata vitmins. She totally agreed and said she thought it ws torture to have women who are pregnant take them. I stopped taking those and switched to flintstone complete. I feel soooo much better, and not to gross you out but it had been 6 days since ihad a bowel movement and as soon as i switched that symptom was GONE. kinda gross but, believe me it makes a big difference. I know this is not the case for everyone but, just give it a try with a diff. vitamin and see how it goes.
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I thought mayb it was the prenatals i was taking so i stopped, NOT, it was the mourning sickness from the pregnancy lol. But i did switch over to flintstone chewable and im taking a folic acid pill also, just bcuz the prenatal was makn my stomache feel sour. I will switch back over 2nd trimester when baby is bigger.

I must say though, i just ate breakfast 20 min ago(i no, its lunch time lol, i just woke up) I had a fried egg, 3 french toast sticks and a fried polish and a cup of g rape juice. So far i dont feel nauseated(so far) i hope this is the beggining of it starting to let up.

Amanda: i use to have problems with constipation with my last pregnancy and the prenatals but i started drinking lots of water and that helped. I have a bowel movement everyother day.  I was never a breakfast person, i always ate lunch and dinner, so when i eat breakfast food my stomache hurts(i think its bucz my body aint use to eating it) so i try eating it later in day like noon time if i eat it like at 9 10 it will come right out the rear end.

I got my fingers crossed hoping this mourning, noon and night sickness is starting to go away:)
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Ladies, I feel your angst...I am so happy to finally be pregnant, but am praying everyday that the morning sickness will leave me ...My house is in disarray(sp?)..my Dh tries to help, but there are certain things that he is just not that great at....;o) ...I am still having trouble sleeping and that all day long nauseous feeling is just pure tourture...

I pray that the 2nd trimester brings relief...
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im with you all too, its horrid :( to have no energy and altho i sleep a bit during the day come 5pm and time to cook dinner and im a mess!
my skin is so bad i mean all over my body! and i never get pimples :( im sweating more, everything stinks!, and i have heartburn at night :(
oh the joys of it all :)
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I hear each and everyone of you!  This has been rough, but thank god I'm almost through the worse part of it.  But who knows where things will go with the next trimester and all.  

LoL this past weekend I was at my father-in-laws 50th birthday party and I couldn't keep anything down.  I felt like a walking peice of C-Rap!  Also trying to talk to everyone there about how i'm feeling... ya, not good.  I could only listen to half the people tell me wat it was like when they were pregnant and I needed to leave!  And thank-goodness for hormons cuz I was almost in tears when my husband was sitting outside smoking a cig with his friend Adam and taking FOREVER to come back inside, so we could go home.  I felt like a compleat b****, but what could I do?!  I even tried to take my tums and rolads and neither worked, I was miserable!  In addition to that before we even got out the door I couldn't find a pair of pants that would make me look presentable for a family function like this.  So I had to pull ones I wore the day before out and wear them.  Oh well... I made it through that.

However, did i mention that I couldn't keep anything down since Friday before the weekend, and when I called my doctor on Monday he said that I should just go to the hospital so they can pump me full of fluids, however, I didn't feel that it was necessary since I have been dehydrated before and I knew I wasn't at the "hospital" point, so they put me some medicen for the nasua, which I have been taking ever since and I feel wonderful!!!  So to those of you who are dealing with nasua and vomitting, concider talking to you doctor because he/she will be able to make you more comfortable.  Because YOU should be enjoying this... you know since you're going to be brining in baby to this world!!  
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It so much like me writing down all this as im reading it.
I completely agree on the gng to work in the morning. Each morning is a challenge, the moment i wake up im starving and cannot brush but eat something.
indeed my boobs are most painful, its like pl stay after at a distance of 1m it possible from my boobs, i know the pain i go through while tagging on the bra..hahaha..its funny!
And they are so warm once i remove it...when will this end? My DH craves to hug me...haha
Since a week started something new ==>
cant tolerate the smell of any bathing or hand wash soap, shampoo, deo, powder, detergent. Once i wash my hand with anything, i literally throw up on smelling my hand!
I have got odorless face wash, but bathing, washin hair , hands and cleaning utensils is much of a challenge..all of it got to be pretty quick if it cant be avoided!
waiting to get over this.

My sense of smell has become super sensitive, cant bear anything being cooked or anything eating at their desk at work!

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