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a big hello to you all :)

wow it sure has been a while for me first i just got on here and found out about chantal and Jessi?  omg! how did all this start?
im sorry i havent been on in a while things with levi have been very complicated indeed, after many trips to ER etc since birth he is allergic to diary thats why all his nappys were bloody :( so i cut oout all diary in my diet and that worked for a while, things slowly got bad again and as he still wasnt sleeping through the night i stoped breastfeeding at 7.5mths to try him on soy formula...even worse allergy than diary!! things were getting bad levi was up 13-20 times a night i was a mess and so tired! finally went to a naturopath as well which was a great help, levi has since been diagnosed with GORD Which has led him to have ulceration of the oesophageal tract hes on medication fo rthat hes also allergic to goats milk tomato orange, and we have no just found out hes also celiac :( it just doesnt stop the excema on his face got so bad it was raw and bleeding cutting out all wheat has really helped this :)
we had blood tests last week which was horrible but hope to have some answers soon.

once again sorry its been so long fill me in on what ive missed.....:)

this time last yr i was ready for the shcock of my life not kn owing he was going to be on a ventilator and flown to alarge specialist NICU for 3 weeks the emotions are raw today :(

thankyou god for letting levi stay with us we love him so dearly :) xxxxxxx
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Hi there, sorry to hear you have gone thru so much. I think the first year is the hardest with babies trying to get them to adjust to live and we as parents adjust to them....sigh I have too had an emotional rollocoaster with Brandon. Fighting ear infections left and right. He had to have ear tubes put in at 11 months old. He is doing so much better now though..he is my little champ! I hope you son feels better...
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Hi All!!!  I have been MIA too.  I used to be on here almost daily but have gotten so busy since school started.  I am homeschooling all of my kids except for my son.  He is almost done as he is a Junior this year but I am doing all the others.  So I stay sooooo busy with just that and trying to keep the house running.  But I have missed being on here and missed talking to all of you.

I am so sorry that you two have had so many problems.  To be honest, Mary and all of my kids are staying so much healthier now that they are not attending public school.  When they were, I lived in the doctor's office until summer time.  It was terrible and expensive.  Last year, I began feeling like my sole purpose in life was simply to cart them all to the doctor.

Anyway, I miss you guys and please feel free to PM me sometime.  We can exchange numbers and at least text!!!!

Take Care,
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Sorry to hear Levi has been having such a hard time! I hope he grows out of the allergies.

Things have been good for us. Bella has a milk allergy, but it's not horrible. She pukes at night a few times a week while we mess with her formula and try to settle on something that really works for her. Other than that she's walking, talking, and having epic temper tantrums ;-)

Oh Happy Birthday Levi!
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