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Baby's feeding schedule...

So I was just curious what your little ones feeding schedule is like now that they are all around 5months.

Lily turned 5 months yesterday and this is a typical daily feeding schedule for her:

530-600am  6 oz breastmilk
800-900am  1/2 cont of Gerber Stage 1 fruit and the equivelant amount of Gerber Oatmeal
1000-1030 am 6 oz breastmilk
1230-100pm 1/2 cont Stage 1 fruit and 1/2 cont stage 1 veggie
200-300pm 6 oz breastmilk
530-600pm  1/2 cont stage 1 veggie and equivelant amt of Gerber Rice Cereal
730-800pm 6 oz breastmilk

So far she is still exclusively on breastmilk...my goal is to stop pumping at 6 months.  It may be a little sooner though becuase I've really been fighting with my supply.  Regardless I've made it longer with her than any of my other kids so I'm really proud of that fact.  
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Anna is turning 5 months old on Tuesday! She has just started weaning herself off breastmilk, so I've been giving it to her in a bottle lately to see if she does actually want it or if it's just to fall asleep/for comfort. She also drinks water from a sippy cup at all her snacks and meals. Her typical feeding schedule looks something like this:

5am - Breastmilk. Goes back to bed for an hour.
6am - Breakfast - 1 Tbsp yogurt with 1 Tbsp pears.
7am - 1 oz breastmilk (goes for a nap)
9am - Snack - 2 Tbsp of purees
11am - Lunch - 2 to 3 Tbsp of a veggie and prunes.
1pm - 2 oz of breastmilk (goes for a nap)
3pm - 3 oz of breastmilk and/or 2 Tbsp of purees.
5pm - Dinner - 3 Tbsp of a veggie and prunes.
6pm - 1 oz breastmilk (goes to bed!)
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I have to say that my little one isnt on any set schedule! She makes it up as we go along in our day lol
My first two were on a strict schedule but not Sydney!
I have introduced her to veggies and fruit and she loves them!
She had a banana the other day smooshed of course lol
My mom gave her a few licks of her lolypop :-)
She was smiling.
She really likes yogurt too!
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Ok I am having issues with getting Fynn on a schedule....at least i thought he was on some sort of a schedule but apparently the doc doesnt think so.
He has a general sleeping sched but nothing super strict all his naps and sleep time are within the hour everyday but sometimes he will take cat naps of like 15 minutes. He is a super light sleeper so he wakes up as easily as hearing the floor boards creek.
He has no eating sched at all. During the night when he is still practically sleeping he will polish off a 5 ounce bottle but during the day when he is awake he doesnt seem interested in eating....he will take 3 oz here another 2 oz there....
I just dont understand how to get babies on a sched, i cant force him to eat or not eat and I cant force him to stay awake or fall asleep...
everyday Shawn says that I have to get the baby on a sched and he says that means waking him up every 3 hours at night but he just started sleeping through the night more or less....he takes one bottle during the night...i dont want to go back to every 3 hours when he is finally sleeping longer periods...
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Kylie still has no feeding schedule, and I doubt I'll put her on one...ever. She still feeds on demand and generally goes to bed around 10pm and sleeps till 7-9am waking maybe once or twice at night to eat. I've stopped giving her solids, but will start then again when she's 6 months older and up.
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Well I must just state, Anna isn't on a "schedule" persay, and I would never demand she be on one, those times are all approximations with some give or take, based upon her own schedule she has put herself on and I"ve just learned to notice lol.
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I didn't really put Lily on a schedule becuase I don't believe in doing so.  I follow her cues and try to keep her from cluster feeding, when she does she usually pukes it all back.  She's done really well with the schedule she's made for herself.  Of course there's an occasion where she may go longer or shorter periods of time between eating, but for the most part it's around what I posted.  

She's doing REALLY well with solids.  I'll start her on meats once she hits 6 months.  I tried her on yogurt for the first time the other day. I got the yobaby organic stuff, she LOVED it...but I'm not giving it to her too often...every few days or so.  

She's starting to sit up in the "tripod" position unassisted for short periods now, too :)
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My lily has no interest in solids. She's tried apples, pears, prunes, rice cereal, oatmeal, some blends, bananas, peaches. I don't try to force it at all because I don't want to her hate eating. I feel like she used to try more a month ago then she does now. She keeps her lips closed and almost smiles about it.   Any advice?
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Kaelynn isn't on any schedule. She sleeps from 8:30pm - 8:30am waking 2-3 times. She use to sleep 8 hours and only eating once in that 12 hour stretch. I don't know if it's the teething or the moving to a new apartment and she's now in her own room. Her third and fourth tooth just popped through.  

I usually only give her solids once in the morning. Should I be giving her more? She hated the rice cereal so I stopped giving it to her. I tried it many different consistency's and with other fruits.

So far she's ate bananas, pears, applesauce, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes. She didn't care for the green beans but everything else she has loved. I'm going to keep offering the green beans to her though they say it takes up to 5-8 times for them to really develop a preference.

Has anyone given there babies juice yet? I gave K-bug some apple juice watered down this morning and she made a weird face then grabbed at the sippy cup again. I think she liked it.  
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jscoch8:  Just keep trying...she will eventually realize there are other tastes out there. Some babies just don't take to solids until 6 months or so.  As you said, don't force it, just keep offering it.  

Brittny27:  It could be a combination of both...the moving and the teething.  I hold off on juice until 6 months, then I start introducing it in a sippy cup.  As for giving solids more often, that's really up to you.  MY thoughts on the subject are this:  By giving solids at normal meal times every day it helps baby to establish a healthy eating pattern.  It also gives them the practice they need with working their tongue in order to move the food through their mouths.  This in turn strengthens the tongue and jaw muscles which can also aid in speech development.  Just MY opinion though.  All of my kids were doing 3 "meals" of solids per day by 5-6 months.  I had them all completely off the baby food by a year and eating table food.  There is no "one size fits all" format for feeding babies.  It depends on YOUR preferences and your baby's likes and dislikes.  At this point the solids are less for nutrition and more for practice so it's not like she's losing anything nutritionally by only having them once a day as long as she is still getting plenty of formula/breastmilk.
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Kaelynn will be 6 months at the end of the month so I figured it was close enough to try juice. She loved the sippy cup not so much the juice. I might try it with water next.
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LOL consider yourself lucky...For most babies it's the other way around...they love the juice and not the cup :)
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Is it ok for babies to actually have juice this early? And what sort of combo do you give it in? Kylie also drinks from a sippy cup, but as of now she's only getting breastmilk in it (for when we go out and someone else keeps her) and sometimes small amounts of water.
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It depends on the baby...some babies systems have a hard time with the juice.  Personally I wouldn't give it more than once a day at this point and would do 1/3 juice to 2/3 water.  (NOT tap water-bottled baby water). Definaetly only give it in a sippy cup, NOT a bottle.  
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