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Diapers & wipes

I was wondering what brands you ladies have used and what you have decided you like best or works best on you LO.

I have used Luvs, huggies pure and natural, and pampers diapers.

Luvs leaked at night but during the day they were fine. Huggies don't fit her legs right and she got a red raw spot on the inside of her leg after about 3-4 diaper changes. Pampers have been the prefered choice.

I was given many different brands of wipes too. Kirkland (costco), parents choice, cool cucumber huggies, and pampers sensative. Parents choice made her butt red and raw along with the huggies but I think the huggies might be due to the fragrance and I hope I can use them when she gets older because it's a huge box of 1000 wipes I got at my baby shower. Kirkland are a little thin and I seem to have to use more to wipe her butt. I've been sticking with the pampers sensitives for everyday use and the parents choice and huggies for the diaper bag and occasional use.

So what are your thoughts and experiance.  
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I used Luvs, Huggies, and pampers and each one worked just fine. with my daughter i didn't like huggies too much. this time i like luvs and huggies. As for wipes, i'm really liking the pampers sensitive wipes. they have a nice feel, and leave the skin moisturized.
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HUGGIES or Kurkland brand from costco.
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I used Luvs and they leaked so I tossed em. So far we have been using Pampers swaddlers since they work best on her. For wipes, I also prefer pampers sensitive but am using huggies since DHs boss bought us a case of like 900. They just seem so dry to me, and tear easily.
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I use pampers sensitive which I like but I'm going to try the target brand because I heard they are good by a few people and are only like 12 cents a diaper. I use Kirkland wipes, someone got me huggies which I do not like because they fall apart in the wipe warmer.
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I've been using Huggies for the newborn stage. I do have some Luvs size 1 but haven't tried them yet.  I use Luv's with DS2 though and have been since he was about 3-4 months old and haven't had any problems. As for wipes, I just buy the Parents choice bulk size, no problems with them either.  
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I use huggies supremes. If your LO has sensitive skin huggie supremes are one of the only fragrence free diapers and the only diaper my daughter doesnt get a red bum with. I use pampers sensitive wipes.
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I have used Pampers for all three of my girls! I found that everytime i used huggies they would leak outta them. Ive heard from a few friends that have boys, they use huggies and their boys leak outta pampers lol!
I LOVE huggies wipes. They are strong and durable!
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I use Earth's Best.  They are the cheapest diapers at baby's r us and are chlorine free and they have never leaked (unlike seventh generation and another store brand I tried).  When he starts sleeping longer at night, I plan on using pampers at night.
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i use pampers size 1 diapers and pampers sensitive wipes

so far those work and i used them with my son as well so i doubt ill switch brands as she gets bigger
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See I've been taking these classes every week since I was 18 weeks pregnant. We watch a video and answer some questions and then usually have homework too. We get play money to spend in a store and buy baby stuff. I have so much clothing and stuff I haven't had to really buy anything.

Well you can only get two packs of diapers a week and they are packs of 10 so total of 20 diapers a week so I've been stocking up every week. I have yetto purchase any diapers. Well they don't always have pampers. Mostly huggies and Kirkland. I've been using the huggies the last two days and they seem to be ok. I guess it was just the pure and natural ones I couldn't use on her.
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i use huggies wipes and huggies nappies...the wipes give my baby a rash to so i try to buy the sensetive new born ones ...i only use them when out though...at home i try to just use a warm flannel or my midwife suggested buying the nappy liners and cutting them in half wetting them with warm water and using those...that way you can throw them afterwards....havent tried it yet but i will
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