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Do you have your nursery ready yet?

I’m currently 30 weeks and 4 days and I have NOTHING ready =0(
I still need to:

Re-patch a huge hole in the wall that was there before we moved in
Repair any small holes throughout the entire room before we paint the walls
Paint the walls
Paint the ceiling, since the people that lived here last left paint marks all over the ceiling
Shampoo the carpet
Buy the crib
Buy the changing table
Buy the Dresser
Buy the bedding set
Put all the furniture together

I’m beginning to think that I am not going to have the nursery all set to go by the time lil Julian arrives ugh! We are going to start the nursery this weekend and hopefully by the time Monday rolls around (when I hit 31 weeks) we will have all the walls patched, and painted, and the ceiling painted too. We do have a whole bunch of baby stuff already though that is just in the closet right now that needs to be set up Just curious when everyone else got there nursery all set, and how far along you are =0)

Thanks for sharing!
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hey lady....im 30 weeks and 1 day and i feel like you...i feel like im never going to be ready for this baby...the baby is sleeping in our room and we have a crib up but we are still trying to figure out where we are living....that decision will be made by the end of this month and then we will either move and set up or complete everything after the baby shower on aug 7....in any event it will be at least another 4 weeks until hopefully we are completely ready for this baby so i can finally relax
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Lol have no fears, I'm almost 31 weeks (on saturday) and I have nothing really ready either. Well, I do have most of my purchases crowding up storage, the crib, rocking chair, car seat etc etc etc butttt my house is nowhere near ready for baby!
Plumbing had to be all redone and that should hopefully be finished by next week, drywall is up in half the house but still needs to be plastered, then everything has to be painted, and new flooring has to go down. Probably won't be done until end of August, which means I'll be 37 weeks, and then I'll just have to gather some superwoman energy and move all my stuff in and pray my daughter doesn't come early!! Hahaha..
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Correction, 32 weeks on Saturday :P
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I didn't vote because we aren't really doing a "nursery".  Right now DS1's crib is still in our room...we will be transitioning him into the room with his brother and will have the bassinet and changing table and babys dresser in our room.  After we transition Gabe into the new room with his bro and work on getting him out of the crib and into a toddler bed we'll move the crib back in our room for the baby.

I haven't done any of that yet.
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I am 31 weeks today and currently Fynn's room is being used as our junk room so we have to clear out all the clutter and just wash the floors and set everything up, we do not have a crib, we are using a bassinet in our room for the first little while. But I do feel like you, anxious about not having everything ready especially if for some reason this baby were to come early and not when we are expecting!

Good luck to everyone and I am sure we will get things all in order soon!
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we finally just finished and im 34 weeks - what a relief!
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I also didn't vote since we won't have a nursery till we move out. I have everything we need, just no room to set it all up. We have a cradle that is in our room and she'll likely use that for a few months. (Or until we move out) Then right next to our room is her dresser and other things. But I had everything set up around 30 weeks just to be ready.
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I got a crib but no where to set it up at this time. :(  we are moving in with family for a few months and decided to use the bassinet on the pack n play in our room until we get our own place and a room to do as a nursery.  
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we are 90% sure we are staying here and renewing our lease for a year...so we will set up completely after the shower....i hope i get a lot of things i need at the baby shower but if not ill use our refunds to get what we are missing

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Hey ya!
I'm33.5 weeks preggers! I dont have a nursery for this baby!
She will be sharing our room untill next summer when we move to a 4 bedroom house :-)
I am actually just taking a break from clearing out my room! The dresser is in there! Have to make room for the bassinet, and then crib lol!
I have much clothing in my room its nutz! Going through the summer stuff that I should just pack away till next summer, getting rid of clothes that are too big for me, and organizing all my winter stuff!
My two girls are always in our room so I am finding a lot of their stuff hanging around too!
The stuff we got from the baby shower is still in their packages. nothing is washed!
I'll probably have a few outfits washed and ready for hospital, but as for the rest of the stuff...I'll wait! Just not sure how big baby's gonna be!
I have a feeling she's gonna be my biggest!  :-O
I still have to bring in my paper work to the hospital, find a bag for the hospital, and of course pack it LOL!
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you will get it done!!! Trust me, when that nesting urge kicks in, you'll start wanting to organize everything. Right now you're probably still tired and not wanting to deal with it yet... but that's ok, you have time!! I think as long as you have a month to prepare that's all you really need to get everything done.   I haven't done anything yet either... I still have a list of things to do but I'll just get it done when the time is right. I know he's not gonna come home to a house that's not ready for him... not unless he comes super early (god forbid!) Well good luck... you'll do just fine!
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Right there with you.  I'm 30 weeks, 5 days and just closed on a house this morning.  I'm sitting here in the baby's room now waiting for a paint sample to dry so I can be sure it matches the wall paper border.  I have to get my entire house moved in and set up.  Stuff is stored in about 3 different places and it's hot as heck!  I still have to buy the crib which is apparently part of a line being discontinued at Target because I've had to hit several Targets to find the matching dresser and changing table.  If I don't find the crib, that would be horrible as the dresser and changing table would have to go back and I'd be at square one picking out a set I like.  Did I mention that it now seems the days and weeks are flying by?  I was hoping little Gavin would arrive a week or even two early, but not any more!  I need all the time possible to get things in order.
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Im 31+3 and we dont have a nursery, baby is going to be in with us until we move into our own place (sooner rather than later!!). But we have chest of drawers for baby all set up and the crib - picking up new mattress on friday and washing the bedding. All of babies clothes are being washed right now! we only have the base for the car seat to buy - which is at my brothers until baby arrives as its supposed to be bad luck in the house before its born?! Ive got everything sorted for my hospital bag, just need an actual bag to pack it all in and Im done! I thought Id started too early but looking on peoples posts on several sites I see Im not the only one!! =)
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I'm sooo proud of myself! I busted my butt the last two days and washed all of my daughters clothes, toys and blankets, organized it all, and found space in my room for everything I'll need should she come before my house is ready! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!! Also finally got around to cutting up and sewing all the flannel I bought into drool cloths, recieving blankets and swaddle blankets for her! Yayyyy <3<3<3
I still don't know what we'd do for sleeping arrangements but maybe we'd just cosleep until I can get in my house and her into her own crib, I just hope that it wouldn't be too traumatic to her to go from co sleeping to her own room and crib, but I really don't want to cosleep for any longer then necessary :P Maybe I could also rig up my own sort of bassinet for her, because I'd be scared I'd squish her!! I don't know what to doooo
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Are there any yard sales going on around you? If you look around in those (or maybe a thrift store) you might be able to get a bassinet that you could set up to make due. That's how we found our cradle. :) (though I know some people are against buying used items) it might work a little better so you won't have to worry about squishing her while you sleep.
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Thanks for the suggestion Clysta that's a great idea! Also I talked to my parents about it and they don't mind moving their huge *** gardening supplies dresser out of my room into their storage shed if it gets down to crunch time and then I can set up her crib. So either option will work which is a huge relief hehe.
Props to all moms who do cosleep but I'm just not one of them lol.
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I am still nowhere with the nursery.....ugh...I finally got DF off his butt and we did a goodwill run to get rid of some of the junk in the nursery but we still have nowhere to put the furniture that is in there now, and my sis is driving me craxy, everyday she texts me how her sons room is all finished and ready to go so that doesnt help at all, just makes me more stressed, but i washed all Fynn's clothes blankets and have them away in his dresser and his toys are cleaned, if only this poor child had a bedroom to call his own :(
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I'm 32 weeks 3 days and the baby's room was just de wall papered and painted pink yesterday, I'm so excited. My poor Hubby in the last week has laid tile, taken down wall paper, painted new base boards, laid sod, cut down trees etc...he ha been nesting for me, lol. Now that the projects are getting closer to finishing I'm so excited, he said that we should be able to put her furniture together by this weekend, so then we will finally have a room that resembles a nursery, YAY!!!
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Dang I gotta get off my butt. Im 33 weeks n havent even bought a crib. Im just not nesting yet like that. This is my first girl so Ive bought lots of clothes lol.  She has plenty of cute dresses even if no place to sleep lol.
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I am 34 weeks tomorrow and we just went crib shopping today, the nursery room is still full of junk and we have no furniture for this little guy. It has been stressing me out to no end, its DF that doesnt want to get off his butt and help but I cannot do al the heavy lifting and stuff without him.

I am in a serious nesting phase of cleaning though. It seems like all my time spent at home is washing clothes, cleaning all the rooms top to bottom and DF is getting so mad at me because he is like its not even dirty in here but he is like a bachelor and the house is disgusting. Today all i wanted to do is clean the whole bathroom and finally he made me stop and I started crying cuz the urge to clean was so strong and since I do all the cleaning myslef its like the longer I stop the dirtier it will get! I dunno, I am frustrated with him and this whole nesting thimg!
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