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Fynn is 1!!

Today is Fynn's birthday! How quickly this past year has gone and how much Fynn has learned! He is so close to walking, he has taken about 7 steps at once...his longest so far! He can say Dada, kitty..but it sounds more like "itty", he is close to saying hi and he can say mama sort of. if you say "where's your tongue?" he will stick his tongue out! he is a ladies man for sure and loves women! He is the happiest baby and has finally started sleeping better at night, he only got up once in the night all week and doesnt cry when I go to give him his night bottle, he is a climber and we are going to put him in gymnastics...his first class is monday, i am hoping he likes it!! this has been the craziest year ever full of emotions and learning so many new things!!!1
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