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Thursday Touch base - Weekending 8/13/10

SInce waitn has so much going on right now I decided I would post this weeks Touch Base tread.

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I had my 37 week apt today.

He did a manual check. The nurse told me last week that he doesn't do them until 39 weeks which I thought was really weird but I guess it's 37 weeks that he starts doing them.

Baby is very low but cervix is "nowhere ready to deliver" exactly what my Dr said. My chiropractor told me to use Porridge oil to soften and ripen cervix. He's on his 4th child, and his mom is a nurse in L&D so I think I could trust his information. I am going to google it in a few minutes. I guess it's full of prolactins which is what sperm is full of and they tell you thats suppose to help right?

I have been having some contractions but I guess there only BH since nothing has been happening to my cervix.

I am having a Yard Sale Sat & Sun this weekend. I am not looking forward to being out in the heat all morning. I really need to be going through the stuff and pricing it but keep putting it off.

I still have yet to pack my hospital bag and BF keeps getting on me everyday about it. I just can't figure out what I can put in there that I'm not still using and need there at the hospital. There are a few things that I don't have that I would really love to have with me like a robe. I've never had a robe I don't know why but think now that I'm going to be a mom it would come in handy.  

How is everyone else this week?
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Im not going to update on my week because i was pretty detailed about my appt yesterday in another post :) ill have to look up Porridge oil and i want to look into evening primrose oil and drinking red raspberry tea. I have an appt on wed and i def want to get checked so if i have no progress at 38 weeks im going to start trying something.

as far as packing the hospital bag, i packed everything i dont need now and made a list of other things that im still using to grab at the last minute. i put my makeup in a bag and my clothes i use all the time in a bag so that i can just grab these things last minute.

i finally nailed down my pediatrician today and we will be putting in the carseats this weekend!
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never heard of the porridge oil but will have to check into.  I posted my doc appt update in a seperate post.  I also found out from another post that the ACOG has released less strict guidelines about VBACS which makes me EXTREMELY happy.  

Today i went grocery shopping and was having some BH and a good bit of pressure. Several times this afternoon/evening I felt I had to go #2 but got on the toilet and nothing...then the urge went away only for me to get up and it come back a few minutes later and still nothing.  A few times when I felt that I felt pressure in my back as well, so maybe, just maybe this little girl is trying to get something done.  

It's still a big early for me yet.  I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow.  So we'll just have to wait and see.  I plan on doing as much  as I can on my feet to let gravity do it's thing but I have to be careful becuase I've been swelling in my legs alot.
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sorry correction after looking it up it's "borage oil"
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Holy crap I'm going to be 35 weeks on Saturday!! Only two more weeks till I'm considered full term! Scarryy yet exciting!!!

This week was good, saw my chiropractor and everything is looking healthily there, I have my midwife appointment on Monday so we'll see how that goes! Been still gaining a steady pound a week, baby is moving alot, I think my insides are bruised hahaha. She loves stretching out her bum and her legs at the same time :)P

Got my maternity photos done a few days ago which was super exciting and fun, best money I ever spent! I can't wait for my photographer to do the newborn ones once Anna is born :D
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I had my 37 week checkup today.  No manual check but the baby's heartbeat is strong.  I am still unable to walk without a ton of pain and now am using a cane.  I am getting increasingly worried about how I will manage delivery with such a bad injury to my pelvis.  My OB is still hopeful that we can manage or at least attempt a vaginal birth, so that is comforting.  I have been having what feels like mild menstrual cramps but that is it - no real BH yet.  I think he will come closer to his due date, which is fine - it gives me more time to get things at work squared away.

I finally completed the hospital registration forms and now just have to find time to drop them off.  I also completed the forms for Finn's pediatrician - to register him there.  

I finally started getting a bag packed - I have some essentials in there for me, cash for a cab, and things for the baby and DH.  I will have to add more stuff for me at the last minute because I am using it now but at least some stuff is packed.
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