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ok I need some breast feeding advice

I posted this here becasue i know a lot of you are breast feeding or have had experience.

As you know ive decided to bottle feed Fynn my breastmilk. Ive been pumping to increase my supply but i dont think its working.

I have been pumping every 3 hours for 15 minutes each side, ive only been doing this for about 3 days or so, religiously pumping and going for 15 minutes or more.

How long should it take to see an increase in my supply?
Is it possible my pump isnt stron enough? I have a First Years Mi Pump, its an electric single pump
When I notice nothing coming out of my breasts should I continue pumping until i reach the 15-20 minute mark or should I stop even if i run out after 5-10 minutes?

If there is any advice anyone could give me on how to increase my supply I would greatly appreciate it! I am pumping about 2 - 3 ounces after 3 pumping sessions.....like 12:00, 3:00, 6:00.

I would like to be able to pump at least 3-4 ounces each session so I do not have to supplment at all!!!

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I know with pumping you want to keep going after there isn't anything coming out to signal to your body to produce more. Are you putting him to the breast at all? The baby is much more effective at drawing out milk and boosting supply than a pump is, and supplementing can cause a drop in supply. There are some supplements such as fenugreek and blessed thistle that are also supposed to help boost supply. You can also try pumping more frequently, such as every two hours or so. When a baby breadtfeeds, they have cluster feeds constantly as often as every hour or less. This helps to signal to your body as well to produce more. I'm not sure about pumping much beyond this since I rarely use mine, but there are many others who have done it that im sure will respond. Good luck.
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I was putting him on my breast but the lactation consultant said that he wasnt sucking hard enough to get much of anything. At the appt, she weighed him before the feed adn after and he only got an ounce of milk. SOmetimes I do put him on my breast but he mostly just comfort ***** and falls asleep after like 5 minutes.
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I was told that a double pump is better because when you pump simutaniously it signals more hormones to produce more milk than when you pump each side by itself. That's what the LC at the hospital told me.

It took me about a week to really see an increase in my milk supply.

Clysta had a lot of great information. You should go to the breastfeeding board and read some posts about increasing supply. There has been quite a few lately. That board has been great for me. It does take a while sometimes to get a response.
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Brittny and Clysta have given you some good advice.  I also recommend checking out the Breastfeeding forum - I have learned a lot there.  I would definitely invest in a good double pump if you will pumping a lot.  The medela pump in style is one of the best.  The general advice is to pump 15-20 minutes or 2-3 minutes after the milk stops flowing, which ever comes first.  A double pump will stimulate more milk and cut your pumping time in half.

How often are you pumping?  A newborn feeds 8-12 times a day, so you should be pumping as often, if Fynn is not breastfeeding at all.  Clysta is also right, newborns cluster feed some days to increase their mom's supply.  So you may want to try pumping for a few minutes several times in one hour a few times one day.  I have been taking fenugreek and blessed thistle, which has helped increase my supply.  Some also swear by Mother"s milk tea.  It is also helpful to massage your breasts while pumping.

************ is a wonderful and helpful website that I highly recommend so is the website for Dr. Jack Newman.

Good luck!

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I'm assuming you are using a single breast pump?  If you are going to exclusively pump you REALLY need a hospital grade pump in order to build your supply and maintain it. You can also try taking fenugreek, alfalfa, blessed thistle and mothers milk tea and brewers yeast

I am doing the same thing and here is what I have done.  I took fenugreek and alfalfa for a few weeks.  Everytime Lily eats, I pump after.  I don't really time myself but I pump for ATLEAST 20 minutes or until I don't get anything for 2 minutes or more.  I rented a hospital grade pump from the local breastfeeding assistance office.  

I don't pump at night but lily only wakes up once.  First thing in the morning after feeding her I pump and get enough for 2 bottles so it makes up for the night and morning feeding.

I did something right becuase I was able to eliminate formula and I keep 8-10 bottles ahead of what she eats.  It takes determination and can be time consuming at first to build your supply back up, but it gets easier.  You also need to play with the pump settings to find what works best for getting your let down.  I also found that looking at Lily, looking at pictures of her and closing my eyes and imagining her on breast nursing helped trigger the hormone signal for let down and milk production.
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What is letting let down? I keep reading about let down, is that just what makes the milk come out? I have been pumping every 3 hours and I am not seeing any increase so I guess I should really get a better pump! Thanks everyone for the advice!
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The let down reflex is just when the milk flows more...freely. For some women it might just drip, for others it can be a spray. It can be triggered by many things. For some women it can happen just by hearing another baby cry (this happens to me often when I watch my niece) or if they visualize their own baby. Sometimes if the let down is strong enough it can cause the baby to cough and choke as it happens too fast for them. Before you get a better pump though, try to increase how often you do it. It's a supply and demand thing. If you're pumping every 3 hours, your body won't make as much compared to if you pump every hour. Your body will think the baby needs more and will produce more in response to that. While a good pump DOES help, it's not the only determining factor in milk supply.
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Many women notice a tingling or pulling sensation in the breasts when let down occurs.  As Clysta said a good pump isn't the only determing factor HOWEVER if you are stictly pumping, as I am, then a good pump makes all the difference.  A hospital grade pump is recommended in order to produce and maintain a good supply.
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I also did reading on your pump, and it seems that many women have problems with it having poor suction or it just loses all it's suction. It seems like it might work with occasional pumping, but if you're going to be strictly pumping you should probably invest in a better pump.
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Check with your local lactation consultants, they can probably direct you to a place locally that rents or loans breast pumps.
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