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Dilated yet?

Is anyone else dilated yet?  I was 1cm on August 4th.  I have another appointment tomorrow morning and am hoping things are coming along a little more!!  It would be great if I were at 2 and thinned out some.  At least I would feel like it could be any day!  Just curious where all you ladies are at.  
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last week I was dilated at 2 cm, I have an apt. today but I am still debating if I want to be checked. I don't want to deal with the cramping and I still like the idea of having a September baby, but I think it's fun to see how much progress I am making. Well good luck today, hope your body is making progress keep us updated!
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As of today I am not dialated well I don't know now cause last week I went into labor and delivery for contractions and sure enough they were 2 minutes apart but I was given a shot to slow them down. I was gonna go back to l+d because my contractions are close and I've already stared losing my plug and I don't have an appointment untill the 29 so that's quite a bit away.

Are you ladies excited for the big day. :) ?

I'm pretty nervous (this is my first)
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I went in yesterday and i'm not dilated or effaced AT ALL!  I was hoping for something to show that I am progressing.  The baby is head down and ready but unfortunately my body isn't ready to give her up yet! :)  I've had contractions but apparently only the braxton hicks kind that aren't doing much more than causing me discomfort.  Either way, she'll be out before I know it.  I'm excited to meet her!
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SMH!....I have not dilated or even thinned out one bit and my doctor moved my due date to the 3rd... I dont even feel like Im gonna have a baby soon except for the pain on my pelvic bone when ever I move...and the only contractions Im having are braxton hicks...but other than that I cant wait to meet my little stinker...any advice to get her here sooner than later????
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I am a 3 cm!!! but Ive been that way for almost a month lol!!! not effaced at all so Its anyones game as to when ill deliver but if you guys could see me you'd be like uhhh any day now lololol
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Just got back from my appointment.  I am now 3cm and 50% effaced.  I am 37 weeks now and my doctor said she doesn't see me making my due date! :)  Think I will start taking some walks and try to speed this along!
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yayay babycrazy!!!!! Keep us posted!!!
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I haven't thinned or dilated at all either and they told me they had moved my due date from the 7th of September to the 13th back a month and a half ago.....nothing like adding 6 more days to a woman in the end of her 3rd trimester!  lol
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That's funny! Today my ob made a mistake and tried saying my due date was 4 days later than it really is and I was ready to fight her. I started laughing and told her I was going to fight her tooth and nail over those 4 days. She told me not to feel bad that we've all been there and it's never a good idea to add days to the end of a pregnancy when the mom is miserable and feeling huge.

I'm 1.2 to 2 cm as of my appointment today and baby is "engaged" so I guess that's why I feel his head when I sit down. I had my group b strep and that's only good for 5 weeks at a time. She thinks I'll go in 2 to 4 weeks. That's mid September for me!
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wow NicMom that is awesome, I feel like I am going to be going sooner than the due date too.  I know you and I are only about a few days a part on our due dates.  Was there any reason why they said only 2-4 weeks for you?  Do you always go early?   We usually go up to the 38 week mark but I am curious with this one what it will be.
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I forgot to mention that I am getting more BH contractions at night and this is happening daily.
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I always go early. 37 weeks with my first and 35 weeks with my second. I have scar tissue issues that make for a cranky uterus.

I also notice increased bh at night. Must just be the wear and tear of the day catching up with you.
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I'm trying to increase my physical activity too to help with dilation as time draws near.  More exercise and walking.  And yes perhaps it is just the quietness at night that brings on the BH.  The last few weeks are so exciting.  Is anyone having trouble with eating?
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I haven't really been eating very much.  I just don't really feel hungry.  What do you mean by trouble eating?  Are you having lots of heartburn or just aren't very hungry either?
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yea Im sooooo hungry but when I go to eat I cant eat much at all
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Exactly, I am hungry but when I go to eat I can't eat a lot.  And yes I have to be careful because the heartburn is bad.  When I bend over after eating, I get acid coming up.  It doesn't seem to matter what I eat either.

I go through spurts where I am exhausted and then I get spurts where I have lots of energy.  Last night when I went to bed, the contractions came on and then my back was aching for a few hours.
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I think Im going through a lot of the same things you are! I can only eat a lil and then I get heartburn bad, def constpated and whenever I can lay down I get the back pain like contractions, almost done though!!!!
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I think that is the wild thing for me too, I get contractions the most when I lay down.  I thought it was supposed to be the opposite that if I relax and lay down that they go away.

I am definitely having nausea.  It will come on real quick like morning sickness, I get sick and then bam I am fine.  I guess it's just the normal thing when you start getting less and less space in there.
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I'll be 39 weeks Friday. I have NO idea if I'm dilated at all or not. My doctor hasn't checked me yet. But, he's going to Thursday right after my ultrasound. I'm so excited to see my little one again. I haven't seen him since June! I'm due next friday too!! I am so relieved it's almost over. I can't wait to hold my baby :))))))
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Im jealous cnj!!!! :}
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My doctor doesn't do checks. I think this is weird. My last doctor did and wIth my daughter I was like 1 1/2 centimeters for weeks tho. I'm anxious to see how I'm progressing.
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I have honestly never been checked for dilation until at the hospital, even midwives sometimes refuse to check unless you had a prior issue.  How exciting cnj76!!!!  I know I am certainly at the point where I am ready to see our baby too, keep us posted :D
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