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So who has had their babies!!

I know about a few but just thought I start a post that we can all look at once we've delivered!

You can repost your birth story or just post pics but let us know when your big day is here and your LO is in your arms so we can all coo and say how beautiful they are!!!!

Its motivation for me to hang in there lol
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I'm still here and I'm due Saturday. I feel like a ticking time bomb... everyday I wonder if I'll go. My dr said they wont induce me for another 2 weeks.. KILL ME!!! I could be pregnant for 42 weeks!!! I'm trying not to think about it. I am just so tired and now I am getting this lovely sharp pains down my inner legs. THey are soo painful I can't even explain it. and if one more person calls me and asks me if I'm in labor or if I had my baby I will kill them.
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I'm scheduled for my c-section on Tuesday :-)  Still can't believe it's only 4 days away...it's been absolutely crazy around here with moving (still surrounded by boxes) and my mother being out of the country, and trying to tidy up the old house ready to rent, not to mention taking care of my 2 kids and my nephew...phew!  I'm soooo achy right now, my hips are killing me, and my back is sore.  This is the point where I'm ready to NOT be pregnant anymore, even tho I know I'll miss feeling the baby move in my tummy :-)  I'm ready to feel him move in my arms :-)  Just found a box of my son's old newborn clothes, I saved my favs, so getting ready to wash them, then unpack a little, then go over to the old house for more packing/cleaning, ugh, ugh, ugh.  Maybe this weekend I'll have a second to work in MY house!!!  Good luck everyone, and speedy safe deliveries to you all!
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Little Madeline Susan arrived at noon exactly on Sept. 8th.  I went in to be induced that morning.  My pitocin was started about 9 am and my doctor broke my water about 9:15.  At 11:30 I asked for an epidural as the contractions had gotten crazy strong.  I was checked and was 5 cm.  They called for the epidural and while I was waiting, went in to use the bathroom.  When I got back to my bed, my contractions were coming quick and hard.  They were setting up for my epidural but the nurse decided to check me again.  I was 10 cm and ready to push.  It only took me ten minutes to go from 5 to 10 cm!!  No epidural for me :(  She called for the doctor to come over because I was ready and I had to sit there and not push while we waited for her to get to the room.  When she got there, she didn't even have time to gown up because the baby was that close.  One push and her head was out.  One more push for the rest of her!  It was so fast!  Good thing I was induced because I probably would have had her on my living room floor if I labored at home!!  
Anyway, she was 7 lb 4 oz and 19 inches.  The smallest by far of all my children.  My others were all at least 9 lbs.  She is my little peanut and is doing great!  She is a wonderful sleeper and just very content in general.  Check out my pics on my profile :)
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Awawwaw babycrazy!!! Thats wonderful and she is beautiful!!!! Its crazy how you moved so fast!!! Im so pleased and happy for you!!!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!
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I had my little girl on August 27th. She weighed 7lbs 15oz and 19 inches long. I need to find time to put her birth story down. it was fun and I had my doctors apt today and have already been released to resume sex :) and start exercising again.
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I am being induce sunday night at 8pm and to be completely honest I am starting to get anxiety , I am soooo excited to meet my son but I am also scared of the pain . Which I know once he is here ALL the pain goes away but I am still scared. There's just so many what if's that I can't stop thinking about it all. Phewwww I am super exhausted and trying to rest up as much as I can. I'm spending all my time with my husband and just getting last minute things done.

Oh yeah this is my first which destani, you already know that lol :)

Ill def post up my birth story once it happens and ill post pictures or I can send em by phone which is easier if anyone wants to message me with there #'s
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I was a bit in pain early 25th morning after that nothing . Went to doc office for regular appt on 25th. Doc said I am already in early labor 3 cm dilated and he wants to monitor me. Was sent to hospital same time was 1.30 or so. They gave me pictocin at 5. Since I was not having regular contraction.I took epidural during same time. I was arond 5 + dilated.  7 they broke my water and 8.15 my doc was there. I started pushing around 8.35 pm. He was out by 8.45. Cord was tight around his neck they had 3-4 mins they used suction. Also I lost a lot of blood. Had blood transfusion.  And came back home early due to hurricane.  
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I had my daughter on aug 27th too, she was 9lbs 7 ozs 22 inches long
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I had a Son!
Benjamin James was born by scheduled c-section on August 29th.
8lb 15oz. He's a dream so far and such a blessing. I'm am so lucky and eternally grateful.
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Look at all the babies so far, I think each of them are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I am so jealous of all of you b/c you either have had your baby or have an induction date lol! I'll get one though at my nest appt the doc called and told me, on wed they will give me my induction date so yay!

I cant wait to hear more stories!!!
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Hey all just wanted to say I went to the doc today instead of wed and they are inducing me wed at 6am!! yayayayayay
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I'm getting induced tomorrow at 38 weeks with twin boy/girl:)
Pray for me! They are both head down so we will try vaginal delivery.
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Ohhh I will pray everything goes great for you!!!
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I am being induced tomorrow night.  I am scheduled to go in at 6pm and they will start me on the Cervadil at 7pm and hopefully things will progress from there......then will give me Pitocin as soon as I am dilated enough.  Oddly enough, i've had contractions all day today so far but nothing regular enough for me to go in.  Who knows, maybe i'll end up going in on my own tonight and not even need the induction!?  I doubt it!  lol
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yay jennie, todays your day!!! Praying you have a great delivery and recovery!!!
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Good luck to all the ladies getting induced today. Hope it goes quick and easy and you meet your healthy bundles of joy soon! Can't wait to see pictures.
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Its almost 8pm and I just cant even lay down b/c Im soooo excited for tomorrow lololol!!!!
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My baby boy was born Wednesday morning at 1:24am. I went into labor at 5pm Tuesday. I went from 3 to 5 in an hour and got my epidural at 9pm, but was stuck at 6 so at midnight they broke my water. I was still at 6 when they checked me at 1 and then 2 contractions later I was complete and baby was coming out on his own. The nurse had to hold his head inside until the dr could get gloves and a gown on. It was frantic and funny. Two pushes later and he was born. 5.5 lbs and 19 in long. Nursed right away and perfectly healthy!!! We went home about 32 hours later.
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Hey all I had my baby Wed morning at 4:20am! I was supposed to be induced but woke up at 2:00am in ACTIVE labor lol!!! It hurt SOOOOOO bad! The contractions  were on top of each other and we rushed to the hospital! My birth plan was out the window lol! We didnt even have time to pick up my lil sis who was going to baby sit!! So we got there to the hospital at about 3am (we live a good 25 min from the hospital and we all had to throw on some clothes) luckily I had laid the girls clothes out for the induction that I was supposed to have lol! The ride there was terrible the contractions were truly almost unbearable! When we pulled in and I got out I threw up b/c it hurt so bad my body was in shock b/c with the other births I was able to time them and get to the hospital before I was in active labor and get the epidural so I had never exp that intense pain before! They rushed me up there in the wheel chair and my hubby and 2 girls had to go park the car and come up in their own...I was literally moaning soo loud all the way into the labor and delivery room on the 3rd floor lol the other patients must of been like wth!! LMBO! When I got in the room they said I was 6cm dialated and they called for the epidural but I was going too fast the checked me again about 7 min later and I was 8 cm and it was hurting so bad that with every contraction it was like my body made me push! They kept saying dont push just breathe but I was like I caaaannntt!!! lol I was saying please help me and calling on God and Jesus!!! The nurses were so nice though and helping me through it..then hubby came in while some nurses watched my girls, he was helping me and then I said go check on the girls and all this was within an hour and twenty minutes the doc came in they had already said I couldnt get the epi cause I was going to fast and I think during the whole thing I never opened my eyes lol!! The doc rushed in I pushe about 5 times and y'all Im not exaggerating this was the WORST pain I have ever felt in my life and I will NEVER forget it, but the joy I felt afterwards when I saw her face was worth it! My hubby was gone for maybe 5min and I had her and he was sad that he missed it but he said he could hear me in the waiting room! I was a little embarrased but I feel like a champ b/c never in a million years would I have thought that I could push out a baby all natural with no pain meds! The doc said I did go into a lil bit of shock from the pain (I dont have a high threshold hence why I always get an epi if possible) but they cleaned her up hubby watched them as they cleaned her and he brought her over to me, we both cried lol and Im just soooo happy, they let me out the hospital today and the staff there was sooo great!!! I will upload pics right now! Thanks for listening ladies!!!! So all in all I was in labor from 2am to 4:20am when she was born at 8lb and 11 oz 19 and 1/4 inches long!
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yea! congrats on a safe delivery and no pain meds omg i am impressed!!!!
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Thanks girl, Im still a lil emotional, wondering when do your hormones go back to normal? Sometimes I think about the labor and cry b/c I remember how bad it hurt lol it sounds so silly to me but I know its the hormones!!
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Oh tell me about it! I'm all kinds of emotional for most women it's only a week or so.
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Thanks girl I sure hope so!!! Im over the crying spells lol!! Sometimes its for NO reason at all!  just feel crazy lol!! But over all I think Im handling it well, at least my hubby says so!
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I had my baby girl at 4:21pm on Wednesday the 21st.  She was 8.5lbs and 21.5 inches long.  I was also scheduled to be induced on the tuesday before but i was told that i was no longer a good candidate for it as my body was already in natural labor.  I went home that Tuesday night as I was still only dilated to a 3.....ended up coming back in at 3am on Wednesday morning in full labor and dilated to a 6.  The pain was terrible!  The nurse called for the doctor to give me the epidural, well they did, unfortunately, they missed the mark and my blood pressure ended up dropping so low i passed out and the babies blood pressure dropped also.  When I woke up, they had broken my water, put a sensor on her scalp and had shot me 3 times with epinephrine to increase my blood pressure again.  Scariest thing I have ever been through in my life!  After I came to, I was checked again to see how my progress was going.....the baby never dropped down.  I was made to 'labor down' for about 4 hours....now if you don't know what that is, that is where they basically let you have your contractions and tell you not to push, now all you ladies know the pressure that you feel when you need to push, and then with them telling me i wasn't supposed to push, i was DYING!  I mean it was terrible!  Finally the nurse said to start pushing to see if I could get the baby to come down far enough to even get the forceps or something on her.  Nope.  She was stuck.  In the few days before i had gone into labor, she had flipped over from being face down to face up and had wedged herself in the birth canal to a point where when coudln't move.  With that, every time I tried to push, she stressed out and her heart rate went down.  So, in the end, I had to have a c-section.  BUT, she came out.  And that's all I wanted.  It was a terrible birthing experience but I got my little girl in the end and that was the goal.  :)  And she's perfect.  Except for the constipation and the thrush she has now! lol
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