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losing weight?

I'm a little confused. Is anyone else losing weight? I'm 11weeks 5days. My weight before pregnancy was 180. 6weeks prego my weight was 168, 8weeks was 161, today i'm at 155. I thought in the beginning it was from morning sickness and being actually sick, but for 3 weeks i haven't had a lot of morning sickness since i started drinking sprite and i haven't been sick. I thought for sure by mid 11 weeks i would have gained at least a pound or two. Am I the only one losing? prior pregnancies i did not lose anything and even when i wasn't pregnant i couldn't seem to lose the weight i gained from my son. I was very happy at first about not gaining and only losing  but now i'm wondering if its normal to drop that much. I eat like i normally would and i don't do a lot during the day.
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I haven't lost weight but havent gained any either and I am 15 weeks. From my understanding it's nothing to worry about in the first trimester, but if it does concern you try talking to your doctor.
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I haven't really lost any either, but I'm not gaining any weight. I'm about 107-108 right now. The nurse at my dr office told me she wanted me to gain at least 30-35 pounds. I think that is too much. When I was at the dr a couple weeks ago I hadn't gained any and they told me they wanted me to gain before my next appt, but I don't really know if thats going to happen or not. I'm still getting sick pretty much everyday.
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I'm 10 weeks and in the last month I have lost 10lbs. My appetite is ok, not much morning sickness but not eating a whole lot either. My doctor says its not a problem.
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Well, I'm 14 weeks today and the wii just said I gained 6.2 lbs in 5 days. I'm depressed now, lol........
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I am just over 14 weeks and have just finally gained 1 pound.  With my other three I also lost weight before I gained.  I think our bodies are burning more calories making these little bubs!  That combined with a couple weeks of morning sickness might cause you to lose some weight.  I am sure in the near future you will be packing on pounds like it's your job!!!!
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i'm like most of the other ladies, i havent lost any but i havent gained any either and i am 14 weeks, but i am sure it will come lol!
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Thanks everyone! I wouldn't be as worried if i was just maintaining the same weight, but I will talk to the doctor at my next appt. It just feels so far away. I do go in for a thyroid check soon (not for the weight loss). I asked around and my family said it might be from being overweight in the first place (which i wasn't with my son). On a better note I'm pretty sure I felt full blown movement last night :) I am very excited!!
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I lost like 8 pounds in the beginning but I think it was my muscle mass since I was in really good shape before getting pregnant and exercising everyday. I'm 13 weeks and I have gained a total of 4 pounds, which is expected, but I know what you guys are talking about. I increased my protein intake and the pounds are adding up. I ate super healthy, hardly any sugar or empty calories. I don't want to gain wait eating muffins that do nothing for the babies. Don't worry ladies, you will gain the weight mid second and third trimester. I started at 102 and now I am 106-107. I'm expecting twins so I'm supposed to gain a pound to a pound and a half a week. I'm not going to obsess about it but continue to eat regular little meals. I can't still finish my meals like I used to but I'm getting there:) I crave fruits all the time, especially oranges and mangoes:)
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Dont worry too much I was overwieght to begin with I lost a total of 42lbs by week 13 my doc was concerned because I had that severe morning sickness but now in week 15 I have gained 1lb so I think it will be ok just as long as your eating and drinking ok. hope that helps!
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I was 106 pre pregnancy. Then in the first trimester I lost 6 or 7 pounds and was down to 100. Now I am 18 weeks and I gained back the weight plus an extra 2 pounds so I'm 108. lol so technically I gained 8 pounds in just a few weeks. LOL
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Yes that does help a lot actually. I'm almost 16 weeks now and still losing but i'm losing slower so i think that's good. My doctor didn't seem to be concerned so I guess as long as i don't drop too much it will be ok.
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glad to ease your mind! we have enough to think about! lolol yea I lost my pound too but I think the further along you go your metabolism speeds up I dunno but it feels like that lol I have food aversion still and I cant eat a lot I get full quick but I AM eating and drinking and doc said baby is ok! So keep up the good work girl at least we might not gain so much later on I hope lolol
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