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39+3 wks, Our big brave bear is here!

Arthur (meaning strong like a bear) came into the world 5 hrs ago (9.39pm Australian time). He was 10 lbs exactly, 21.3 inches long, with a 14.6 inches head (but no tearing this time, woot!). Definitely the easiest birth of my three. Long birth story ahead if you're interested in a very natural birth! If you're not up for much reading, know that I'm in love with my boy, and I wish everyone the best for their births - stay calm and breathe!

Labour Story
Laboured lightly on and off all day losing my mucus plug, sent kids to mums, had a nap, contractions picked up around 6pm, about 3 or 4 minutes apart so I called the midwife to come.

I discovered weirdly enough that if I smiled the contractions didn't hurt, so pretty much breathed and smiled like an idiot through contractions, lol. And found kneeling upright was a helpful position. When they got more intense, I got into the birth pool at 8.30 ish, still kneeling.

At 9.20pm my water broke (without me pushing - first time that's happened), and then the baby started to descend, without pushing, at every strong contraction (which all hurt after water broke), without pushing (as I hadn't had any proper pain yet, I was too scared to push and feel stretching pain). Holding onto hubby helped with the pain.

I checked myself and I was fully dilated and could reach most of his head so I decided to be brave and stop holding back. Next few contractions I pushed a little and felt him coming down and stretching everything, so I stopped pushing and just breathed quickly to slow down his descent.

Then next contraction I didn't push, my body forced him down while I stretched myself with my fingers to ease his entry and his head popped out. Last contraction I screamed to get that fat little body out and there he was! Such a healthy, chubby cutie! He cried straightaway, and then fed for ages.

Also pushed the placenta out 45 mins later, which I've never been able to do before (usually needed a synto shot and midwife's help). No post partum bleeding like last time or tearing, honestly the most perfect birth I could have imagined up for myself came to life, I'm absolutely stoked with everything, feel great, and this kid is just such a snuggly sweetheart, I'm in love!
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Congratulations !
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Great birth story! So happy for you that things went so smoothly at home, and that you and baby are healthy! Hope I get to post a similar story soon! Xoxo
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