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Im 18weeks +4 days and am only scheduled for an anatomy scan at 21 weeks! My last appointment was at 12 weeks. It's such a long time and I'm so worried and hoping everything is ok as I haven't really felt any movements.

this is my rainbow baby so Im freaking out and just hoping that all is well. Ive thought about moving the date closer but my partner says I'm being paranoid.

I just need some reassurance
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Relax! Not everyone feels movement or notices if baby does kick. Your baby is moving though, my husband and I paid for an early ultrasound last Tuesday and our little man was just moving away. It is such a long wait it seems but try occupying yourself and keeping busy so time will fly by! Don't stress yourself, look into names or read your baby a book , maybe even try putting head phones up to your belly for baby to listen to music. My oldest son loved listening to guns and roses and used to kick away when I played it! You'll feel your baby in now time :)
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