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Conception date

Hey everyone!! I'm 15 weeks & 2 days pregnant and I've been really upset and scared lately! I'm wondering if any of you ladies can help determine whether or not I conceived Dec 12-20. I am NOT trying to determine paternity don't worry! I was on medication (an anti thyroid) that can cause embryo malfunctions in pregnancy!! I was on the medication Dec 12-20. I did have a period Dec 24 (my LMP) but I spotted right before my period which concerns me (the medication does not cause abnormal periods) found out I was pregnant on Jan 26! First ultrasound on Feb 5 was just a sack measuring 6+ weeks. Next ultrasound was Feb 20 & the baby measured 7 weeks & 4 days. My last ultrasound was March 13 and the baby measured 11 weeks & 3 days. My EDD is Sept 29. Any chance I could have conceived Dec 12-20? I'm really concerned about my baby's health! I haven't gotten a chance to talk tot doc yet because my last appt she was out! Just trying to assure myself till my next appt. thanks!!
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We conceived via artificial insemination on Dec. 21 and I am due Sept. 13 (17 weeks 4 days today). You should be in the clear, depending on how long that med stayed in your system.
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Thank you!! And congrats to you
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My lmp was the 23rd December ( due date 29 sept) and I ovulated on the 5th January so concieved a few days either side of that date.
If you had concieved December 12-20 you wouldn't have got your period the end of December.

You should bring up your concerns with your doctor though. they will be able to tell you the halflife of the drug you were taking ( how long it stays in your system) and what the probability of it causing any effects on the baby would be.
But try to relax you didn't take it while pregnant at so I'm guessing the risk would be low if any and it's an unpreventable risk you can't change the fact you needed meds so really nothing to beat yourself up over
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