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Express Milk/Pumping

I have a question for all the moms out there. I am 39 weeks tomorrow it will be my second daughter my 1st is now 7 years old. With my 1st I did not breastfeed at all not in the hospital or out of the hospital she was on formula from day one. My question is now with my second I still do not plan on breastfeeding from my breasts it not something thats gonna ever be on my agenda, but I do want to pump and bottle feed. I'm not sure how that works but I'm wondering if I should do expression of colostrum which is the practice of expressing your breast milk while pregnant. As if my boobs won’t get enough of that over the next year or two. Since I didn't breastfeed with my 1st I'm scared I won't get enough milk which I know expressing won't help with that but since I do not want to actually feed from my breast at the hospital I'd rather her have the colostrum from breast milk rather than them give her formula. Has anyone ever done this and if so what are you experiences from expressing while pregant? How often? Storage ect. I'm due in 8 days and I will make sure to consult my doctor before doing this but I wanted other moms opinions??
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W.my 1st ididnt breastfeed . W.my 2nd ididnt breastfeed iwas planning too but he was born tongue-tied so , its impossible to breastfeed ); now ijust had my 3rd & im pumping & doing formula. Shes not on the breast  just bcuz its hard for her to latch on & its frustrating for both of us so , idecided to pump instead. Itry to pump everytime she goes to sleep so , she'll have milk ready for the nxt feeding. It can b hard & changelling. Or ipump whenever im leaking. Im still taking my prenantal vitamins since im pumping , im taking fenugreek as well & drinking mothers milk tea to produce more milk & eating oatmeal.
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Pumping needs to be done every 2 hours to be effective for milk production. The expression of milk or colostrum can start labor so you should be careful.
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Idk much about BF but sticking the kid on the boob seems so much easier and less work than pumping, cleaning all that equipment, cleaning bottles, storage and collection, prepping and warming bottles for feeding. I tried BF for two months with my first but I went back to work when she was three weeks and pumping was a pain. No one wants to support or see a mom pumping her breasts/carrying breast milk. I had the worst negative reactions from people. It was so weird. This second baby I'm hoping for longer and more support but I doubt it. Try to ignore the negativity, hurdles and good luck!
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