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Fears about becoming a new mommy?

So what fears do you all have about the labor process and becoming a new mom? I'm honestly super excited but very anxious. I keep telling myself that women have been doing this for years so I can rest assured my body is capable of doing it naturally and I feel the benefits of natural birth outway the lack of pain with the epidural, but the idea of that level of pain scares me. Also although I know I'll the best mom I can, the closer it gets to the due date the more anxious I get about my whole life being flipped on end. It's the best life change ever but I still feel a little apprehensive and have so many irrational fears. What if my baby and I don't bond well? Will my husband be less attracted to my body being different? How will I cope with the lack of sleep? What do I do if my husband has trouble bonding with our son? Im so excited to meet my little one but I feel this overwhelming sense of inadequacy about the role I'm about to take on...am I the only one?
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You are not the only one!! I keep telling myself I am not the first and I am not the last. I know that it'll be different but that's expectrd
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My biggest fear is about getting to the hospitol. I don't have a car so I rely on my sister to take me. And the traffic to the hospital is the worse
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My biggest fear is that im going to do something that is going to hurt her. Like drop her or if the crib fall apart, hurt her while putting on her shirt. I have nightmares of it happening. Ive never dealt with a newborn full time
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Im not a 1st time mom . Im expecting my 3rd. Im not scared about labor or anything like that. Im more scared of myself managing 3 kids plus a husband all @once & my son's reaction once his lil sister is here ); since he doesnt understand yet hes only 15months but my 3yr old daughter on thee other hand cannot wait shes too excited!!!
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Totally understand where you are coming from. So excited about meeting/seeing baby and becoming a mom for the first time. Yet totally and utterly petrified at the same time. Will I get it right. Will my baby be content. Hoping I don't resent the baby because me and my partner can't do what we want when we want (without meaning to sound selfish) at the end of the day you still want to enjoy each other and spend time together. It is scary thinking this little life will be totally dependant on you. Many thoughts race through you're head. Glad I'm not the only one.
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I am a first time mom. I have all the same fears plus more that you all said lol. I try to not think about it. Im 32 weeks , go to work & college everyday but can't sleep at night because of the fears of labor , inadequacy, all of that.
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Glad to know I'm not alone. After being put on bedrest at 30 wks, I've had way to much down time to think. Going from holding a job to being on bedrest and being home all day everyday without talking to another person wears on you a bit. I'm so beyond frustrated about not being able to clean or cook or finish baby boy's nursery or shop for the rest of the items we need for his arrival. Logically I know these fears are all normal and we all will face them to some extent but the sitting and quiet and not being able to help out financially or at home anymore is making it all seem that much more scary and hard.
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I'm just nervous at what kind of mother in going to be having twins the first time out. But I know that as long as I keep God in the picture I'll be okay
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