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Ring of fire

im goin for a vbac and getting so so nervous to push baby's head out cuz I heard how bad it burns (ring of fire)..I'm gunna try goin without a epidural and ppl keep tellin me no no no!! Who's done this with out epidural? And how bad is it?
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My first two were c-sections and I'm having my 5th vbac. I always get an epidural because I have long labors but with two of them I felt that burn (ring of fire) even with the epidural! I can't tell you What it would feel like without epidural but couldn't be worse than all the contractions
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Never really felt this ring of fire everyone talks about (possibly slightly with my first). I tore with both births a little, but barely felt that either, the contractions were distracting me!
Actually now I think of it, I wonder if having waterbirths stopped that feeling too? Had both babies in water which was so great for pain relief!
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Yea I'll probably end up with the epidural but I hope not...I'm a small girl 4'10 so I'm hoping he's gunna have a small head cuz my first didn't come down after 6 cm ..water birth sounds like it would be a good idea lol
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I gave birth to both of mine on just gas and air, it hurts but to be honest I didn't find it that bad, especially knowing that uneasy about to give birth to my baby, literally in fact I loved the pushing bit as I had something to focus on, instead of just being in pain I'm able to work that distraction into pushing, so I only pushed for 15 minutes with my first and 4 pushes with my second. I have to have a c section this time, as this one is breech.
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