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cloth diapers

What are your thoughts on cloth diapers vs. Disposable ones ?
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Cloth is obviously better for the environment but disposable have great lock away cores which I personally believe are a must for a new borns bottom and bits. One of mine had sensitive skin and oh my word the rash and sores he'd get were awful. I swear by pampers in the UK.
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I had cloth ones for my first and in all honesty I got fed up of storing them, cleaning them, drying them, it all takes flying and when you go out for the day they weigh your bag down. I was really glad when I got pregnant again I couldn't use them as they'd make me urge. I used disposable from then on. But it's wash their own, they look cute and the outer come in funky colours.
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I used cloth diapers for my second and I loved them but with this one I'm just planning on using them at home and using disposable out. It is a lot more work and a lot more you have to carry. I also use cloth wipes as well
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I started using cloth when my first was about a year old. Then used them right from newborn with my second and will be using them again for my third. Every once in a while I need a break from cloth and buy a pack of disposables and then go back to cloth
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