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due day......

Is anyone due day on septemberseptiembre?......  Cuz i feel like is too far and i feel alone in my journey
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I'm due September 13th it does feel so far away and lonely lol
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Im due September 5th it does feel so far ugh
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I'm due September 19th, 1st baba, feels so far away
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Im due Sep 3rd . Yes , very far lol. But im okay w.it cus ialso have a 3yr old daughter & a 11month old son & my husband to handle. So , im in no rushhh just yet lol.
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im due on September 30 & ugh it's taking forever
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Im due on september 2. Im just counting weeks left and making self believe that im half thru lol. I also feel alone literally because partner goes to work and im here stucked alone in our house.
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