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ftm; handle clinical depression.

I talked to my soon to be son's pediatrican & she told me I could get on meds now & keep him safe. I refused early in my pregnancy because I didn't think it was safe for him. Any other ftm dealing with clinical depression?
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I was dealing with it also:( I know how you feel. But I literally would cry everyday
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I'm a depressive, I'm always going to suffer with bouts of depression. For me, I've found not being on medication helps, otherwise I'd be on it for life. Luckily my partner knows the signs and I pretty honest so it's a good combination. We talk it out, I have a few hobbies that I turn to, to help and if I really feel bad (I have been suicidal in the past) I have been to see therapists.

My suggestion is, take Vitimns, get out during the day, even for a walk, try going to some groups, especially when the baby is here, keep a diary, to try and get rid of negative energy, and most of all be honest and just tak to someone. If your feeling low just say to your partner (or support network) that you are feeling low that day. When I was really bad I'd keep a bag of wrapped up small things, funny little jokes from a joke shop, candles, little things I'd love, so for me I had small books, colouring, note pads, funny masks etc... Wrapped them up and when I was feeling bad I'd open one.

Don't feel like your alone, it's hard but you can do it, how ever you choose to Medicate. I'm neither for or against meds xxxx
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Thanks for the tips ! What I was doing to cope was working 80 hours a week. Then called myself going on "bed rest" from my job sept 1st and I'm not due till the 29th. Worse mistake. Too much time on my hands honestly. But I do need to work on opening up & talking. I usually keep things in & end up crying to myself at night.
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You have to find someone you trust!!
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