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kidney infection

I have had horrible pain on my right side for overa week now. No doc seemed to take me serious until now. I had ultrasounds and no cyst but my insides wewere too swollen to find my appendix. The pain has spread to my back...same location just front and back now. Doc says iys prob an infection and ill see him again tomorrow. ...ive been put on antibiotics for uti ubtil i gwt my results but im worried its a kidney infection...I knew kidney infections can be deadly in pregnancy...is this true?  Im freaking out...
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You have a right to be concerned but if they catch it early enough, it can be treated without harming the baby. I hope it all works out for you.
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I had a uti turned kidney infection when I found out I was pregnant and the doctors asked if I could be pregnant I said yes, they didn't even take it into consideration, but I went on antibiotics and ibuprofen and it not only helped the pain tremendously but the infection went away. Good luck girly! I feel your pain!!
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I had pain on my left side when I was 22 weeks. Turns out I have a kidney stone that acts up from time to time and it won't pass. I have to wait until after I have my baby girl to do anything about it. Kidney infections are common during pregnancy as far as my Dr has told me, but I didn't know you could still get kidney stones too. That could be your problem too, but I'm not sure.
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Antibiotics for UTIs and kidney infections are often the same ones, so hopefully if it is a kidney infection it clears it up too. I've had a kidney infection before and it was terrible pain :/ Hope you get sorted out and feel better soon!
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