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Mama's, help please! Need advice!

So I'm a second time mom. Due September 13th, but my dr thinks I'm going to go into labor in the next 2-3 weeks. (I have 5 weeks and 5 days until I'm due).
My water never broke with my first pregnancy, and had to be broken at the hospital when I was induced.
My question is, what was it like for other moms when your water broke naturally? What did you feel before your water broke? Did you feel different before it broke, or did you not know it was going to break when it did?
I'm terrified my water is going to break at work or in public, or when I'm asleep, or when I'm home alone with my 3 year old.
Any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thanks mamas!
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I woke up one morning from a very comfortable sleep.   I just felt a trickle.  I got up to pee and had a bit more water go.   I walked downstairs no problem, but when my husband made me laugh that's when it all gushed.   My pants that I decided to put on were soaked. There's only a 10-15% chance of that happening so I'd try not to worry too much about it.   Everyone I know that it has happened to,  it happened in the morning, and then no labor for awhile after.
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I will also say that I was not expecting to go into labor for another 2 to 3 wks.   The night before I had a terrible time getting to sleep.   The baby was almost hyperactive and my low back hurt,  which it never did my whole pregnancy.  
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baby was very active, went to pee in the middle of the night. Got back in bed, one sharp pain, a plopping sound, jumped up from the bed and niagara falls fell on the floor. :)
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Mine never went until I was in labour and in birthing pool, but yeah same as the person above, woke to go pee in the early morning, came back to bed and thats when the contractions started. That continued and got stronger, by time i reached the hospital i was 8cm. Im currently 36wks and my dr doesn't want me going to due date as i naturally have bog babies amd they're afraid this one is going to be bigger. No i dont have GD. Hoping i can do everything natural if i can! Good luck!
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Big* babies lol
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