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9 days left until we get induced!!!

Wooooo hoooo! Only nine days left until we will be taking that early morning trip to L&D

Even though it's our third,  some fears are starting to creap in...

Getting my tubes tied. And I have to say I'm really nervous!  My Dr said they do it right after baby,  they still use the epidural for pain,  so I won't have to be put to sleep. But what if it wears off? Ughg

Just a lot of unnecessary thoughts & fears right now, mixed with happiness!  

Hospital bags packed, baby room ready, checked off everything on our to do list,  car seat installed,  here we come!!!!  

Anyone else having some fears as date inches closer?  
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I have 46 days left and im getting fears of the big day just ready for it to be over so i can have my bundle of joy in my arms
With all of my pregnancies I the "fear "didn't kick in until the last few weeks. And the night of. Ahh it's horrible!!  Loss of sleep! With my first of course I didn't know what was going to happen,  she came on her own on her due date.

But with my second I was induced @ 39 weeks, so I knew what to expect,  I was a wreak the night before,  only 1 hour of sleep, throwing up, panic attacks,  hot flashes, bad dreams of baby nor making it. Horrible!!!  

So with this one I hope,  hope!it won't be the same.  Not getting much sleep as it is.

Good luck & congratulations!!  
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I have 9 days too!!  Lol!!  Lost the mucous plug Friday soon maybe sooner..  I slept WAY to good last night I know that I only woke up up 3 times to pee the normal is minimum 5, I think I read somewhere if you sleep good it's your body's way of preparing for labor God I hope so.  Good luck!  I should be getting mine tied too this is my 2nd girl & just turned 30 Sept not sure if they will yet, just have to find the right doctor to do it  
Here in the US,  you have to be 21 or have two children.  

I was 23 when I had my son, my second child and was going to do it then but changed my mind. But... most Drs, and hospitals make you sign a paper that has to be signed 30 days before due date.

Good luck & congratulations!!
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I was super excited to get this show on the road already but now that you mention the tubes tied part I never thought about all that and I'm getting my tubes tied too!!  My Dr said its small incisions they make in the stomach but I never asked anything else. I'm nervous now Lol. Anyways good luck. Let me know how the tube tying goes please! The pains , the discomfort, the everything.
I sure will!!  I did ask my Dr a butt load of questions and he just talked in circles...  which makes me more scared cause I still don't have answer's,  and Google doesn't do any thing but scare someone even more!  

& temporary birth control isn't a option,  I got pregnant this time on the iud (5year implant ) so noooo this is it for me...lol
But I'll go ahead a post a 1 weekPP thing on here about it.. so just look out!! :-)
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