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Am I just overreacting?

So I'm watching a movie with my boyfriend and his siblings and a couple of half naked women keep showing and he was saying stuff like "damn" "oh f*ck" etc, referring to them. This made me so mad lol. I'm just sitting here all unattractive, &  fat and pregnant and he's checking out women right in front of me on TV. After the comments he made I didn't even want him to try to hold me or kiss me or even talk to me that night. Idk if I was just overreacting but I did not appreciate it at all. :(
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I would be pissed and probably just leave the room! That is so inappropriate to do in front of the woman whos carrying your child! My fiance knows how insecure i get so  i dont think your overreacting at all.
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Not at all, you have that right, that was rude and inconsiderate. I would have been the same way.
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Wow, I hate it when guys do **** like that! I feel like my hubby been looking at other chics a lot lately especially when we are out together. It makes me wonder how much he does it when he out by himself or at work!!! Every time I say something to him about it he just gets all mad and says I'm insecure.
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Id be pissed.!
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Lol when my bf and I sat down to watch that wolf on Wallstreet movie...like the first 5 minutes there were naked girls getting drugs sniffed from their butt. I was like "turn it off. Now." Or in other movies his step brother would be like d  a m n she hot and the girl is naked..luckily my bf is caring and just looks straight at me during any naked scene or sex scene. But yes, it bothers me...a lot. I dont care if I'm being insecure..it's not like I can help it really.
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Ok I'm glad you girls don't think I'm crazy! lol the next morning I was still pretty pissed because I just thought that was so inappropriate and really unnecessary. I don't say things like that in front of him when I see an attractive male on TV! But when he kept asking me what's wrong and I told him he was just like "oh wow". :/
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I feel that my hubby does it a lot. If we are watching a movie and a girl is naked he will always talk about her boobs or whatever for like 10 mins and I'm just sitting there getting more mad and mad. We usually watch movies late at night after our son goes to bed so I just lay down and go to sleep and ignore him all night.  
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Movies, not so much. Real life women, maybe.  
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Natural reaction .. I would have done the same !!
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I want to have a gender party but my husband freaked out on me he said that's the stupidest thing ever it's are second kid I think it would be fun . I feel like he hates everything that I like to do
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First off your man shouldn't be complimenting any other woman other than you. Although it is just a movie - joke back and compliment a hot guy on TV as well instead of getting upset. Don't be insecure, embrace your body and your pregnancy because it's a beautiful thing. If anything my husband appreciates me more and compliments me more when I'm pregnant because he thinks it's sexy so I can only imagine if he were doing the opposite and making me feel insecure and uncomfortable. Hope this helps :)
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That's the reaction of a 16 year old boy!! Lol
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My man used to do that... Then he would say I'm just kidding you should not  get mad! So I started doing it... he quit lol
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Natural reaction .. I would have done the same !! Cover his eyes
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