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Blaring Music and panic attack

I am SO ANNOYED right now. We live with my boyfriend's mom and her boyfriend, Bob, until we can get our place fixed up.

Our room is upstairs and this is where I am banished to, day in and day out. I am feeling MAJORLY cramped. I just want to get out for once. But I can't until Sunday. I'm 19 weeks and bored out of my skull.

Currently Bob is downstairs blaring his LOUD *** MUSIC. Why people feel the need to blare it so loud is beyond me. I'm all the way upstairs and it is STILL making my chest VIBRATE.

I do not feel comfortable asking him to turn it down.

Here's the thing: I get anxiety attacks. Full out PANIC ATTACKS. Can't breathe, gasping for air, shaky, nauseous. I can't focus on my breathing because I freak out and have an attack. If I have a cold it's even worse.

So now my chest is vibrating. Trigger the anxiety attack.

I'm crying.

I'm assuming it can't hurt the baby. But it does trigger ALL my anxieties. I'm feeling the pain of the growing baby. It has been different this week. More pains in my vagina and lower abdomen from the ligaments. I'm normally ok. Bit now my nerves are on edge and the vibration is making me feel EVERYTHING in my body and now I'm freaking for no reason.

I can't help it. I can't. And like I said, I'm sitting here crying.
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I can't ask him to turn it down. He's not friendly. Hasn't spoken to me and we've been here a month. I say hi and he ignores me. I'm trapped upstairs when he's here.
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Go for a walk, I know that helps me calm down and that way you can get out. It can't be good for your little one if you are so stressed dear, get some air:)
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I managed to talk myself out of it after about an hour. Wish I could walk but the wind chill here is so bad they don't want anyone outside because of frostbite. x_x
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