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Child support vent

My baby is almost 3 weeks old and she is living with me and i thought my boyfriend would be more supportive and be there everyday with me to help me but he doesnt he goes home and he only comes over for a few hrs and leaves and only wants us to sleep over on hos days off.. BUT YET im the only one feeding her, changing her, etc and his parents bought a house and there fixing it for us to move in but it wont be ready untill feb.. And yet he wants to claim her on taxes and im sorry but im not allowing him to do that i wil claim her cuz im the one taking care of her.. He hasnt giving me anything for her.. What should i do?? I dont want to put him in child support cuz we are dating i just dont know how to get stuff from him without sounding like a idk gold digger
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Tell him what your baby needs and have him go buy it! And if he complains tell him you will take him to court for child support... Babies are expensive you have to put your babies needs above your worries of him thinking your a gold digger... Depending if you have a job or not depends on who can claim her on their taxes, if you both work you will each have to switch off years, if he doesn't pay child support however he legally can't claim her
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He can't file her on taxes unless he has papalerwork from court saying he has full custody or that he gets to file.her on taxes. Only you can. Now obviously if he brought in alot more money than you did and he woukd split it with you then let him file because he would get more. Bit he has to have her social security number and everything in order to file so if you don't want him to claim her just don't give him her number until after you filed. Tell him it didn't come in yet or something. Then you can file, give him her number and tell him she has already been claimed so he can't. Or comprimise and telk him you claim odd years (starting this year) and he can claim even (starting next year) and that way if anything happens between now and then and y'all aren't living together and he isnt helping you don't have to let him claim her. Unless he gets a court order of course.
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