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Confussedd :/

Soo me & my fiance been together 5yrs.. He use to deliver pizzas. Well, some hoebag just started following me on instagram she would skip pics of me & my daughter & only like pics of my fiance. So i asked her if she knew him.. She said i think so.
Then started saying two years ago they use to talk & he came over her house and blah blah.. But she just thinks so?
Well, i asked my fiance he said maybe he use to deliver to her & maybe she liked him or likes him & is just jelious. But he don't recall her.
He has a history of lien to me about stupid **** but,, cheating never has been an issue & no one ever has said anything like this before.
He said yes, i know I've lied about stupid **** & i know we been having our ups and downs but I'd never cheat on you.
I just don't know what to believe..
What would you do?
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I'd tell her home wreckin *** to back off lol and I'd tell him hes gonna get his *** beat if he's lying and lose his family!
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yeah, he said he loves his family & he'd never do anything to put that at risk loosing them.
But,, i forgot to add in the girl told me he picked her up in a red car.. He use to have a red car.. And he use to live on sims and she said she dropped him off at his house before and said he lives off sims..
She works at SA, & he use to deliver there all the time & buy cigs from there.. Also this girl i use to know worked there n we don't like each other she's a drama starting *****.  Do u think this girl maybe put her up to it?
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I would hope someone didn't have enough time to ruin a family :( I would tell him she said all of that and ask for an explanation. You're stronger than me I would have kicked his *** already
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you know little girls these days.. The ones that ain't grown,, i wanna only hope its drama but Idk.. How would u trick him into confessing lol
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oh gosh lol idk thats a tough one =[ i really hope for your and your kids sake he didnt do anything ugh =[
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Go through his phone records! Or his text records. That's super shady for real.
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You should probably force him to give an explanation for everything that's been said .
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Well if u knew someone who worked at a place he used to deliver to and buy ciggs all the time n u 2 didn't get along maybe its her impersonating some chick to get into ur head..It happens
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Saddly people do have time to distroy familys -.- a 26 year old chick did that to mine and im 18 and my bd is 18 and they lept together o.o. but idk ur situation sims confusing like someone said get phone records
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me and my partner would get into heated talks about cheating he swore he never would and I found out he did. with a chick 10years older then me with a husband and 3kids. so got with his best mate who has always had a crush on me. told him if he ever cheats again we are replacing him for his best mate lol I see him every.now and then. hey he started it not me. to a DEGREE guys cant be trusted.
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i cantt go threw his phone records she said it was two yrs ago..
Now he wants to get married haha idk what to do.

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