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Diarrhea please help

So I've been having a lot of diarrhea on and off for the last 2 weeks. And a lot of vomiting too. Dr says its something I ate but I know my body and this isn't no stomach bug. Today I've been stuck in the restroom all morning! I hadn't even ate. I got zantrac for the vomiting from the Dr but nothing for the diarrhea. Any suggestions mommies?
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I got diarrhoea a number of times in early pregnancy and start of second trimester. I used to eat a banana daily and around the time I took my prenatals. I usually got diarrhoea if I ate a takeout.  
Thanks momma I'll do the banana thing for sure. I was doing it for my legs I hope it helps with my diarrhea. And its usually home food that makes me super sick. My usual , which is super weird to me. I'm in third trimester so most likely its just the pregnancy driving my body nuts Lol. Thanks again good luck to you
I'm in 3rd trimester also. I have been experiencing diarrhea also. For the past week.  I'm not sure why or how to get it to stop. I thought i was the only one though
@bricegurl try eating bananas like the mommies suggested. Let's see if that helps us. It could be pregnancy related , a bug, or maybe even labor symptoms so be careful. And basically if you feel just not yourself give your Dr a call and let he/she know. With my last I had vomiting, diarrhea, back pain, and pressure and I was in labor. Never felt contractions but I felt so sick I rushed to the hospital and good thing I did. So anything from not feeling good at all I would say . I've heard some mommies on here say they were dizzy , lightheaded, had headaches and all that. Good luck
Thanks. I'll try the banana thing. And see if it helps. I'll keep y'all posted if I have any noire questions. Hopefully its just pregnancy symptom.. I haven't realty felt to much of anything else besides nausea.
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Thanks you too! Not long to go now x
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how far along are you? I got diarrhea for like a week straight and then I had my son a few days later!! otherwise if it's early in your pregnancy the banana suggestion was a very good one! good luck!
I'm 33 weeks. Yeah that was one of my symptoms when i went into labor with my son two years ago. I'm hoping this is just crazy pregnancy symptoms and not labor one. With my son I went into premature labor at 34 weeks.
I'm 32 weeks... Be 33 weeks Monday.this is my first child..so I really don't know symptoms of labor
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I'm 36 weeks and have had diarrhea off & on for the past two weeks. To the point where I don't wanna pass gas because..  well you never know Lol (tmi ) some days it's fine, and others not so much.

More tmi, just this past Monday,  I woke up at 5 am to something not so pretty  .  Thank God my husband was at work .  Lol. Id say it's normal is pregnancy,  even though I never had this issue with my first two.
Lol omg thanks for your reply! You just made my day Lol. I'm glad im not alone then. Just one more symptom to add to our list huh!? We're almost there thank goodness!!  Good luck to you.

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