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Mil driving me crazy...

So originally we told my mil that we would pay for half her plane ticket to come see us when baby girl is born. Well she wanted her bf to come too and we said we would pay for half of his ticket too. Well now he isn't coming and she thinks that since we said half we were talking about her whole ticket and he pay for his. Which totally twists what I and my husband said half of whoever is coming. So I'm at a dilemna should I tell her we are only paying for half of her ticket or should we just buy her whole ticket? PS she always does this s h i t....
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I'd only pay for half, it doesn't matter what she thinks, clear it up & say look since your bf isn't coming we are still only paying for half your ticket. Atleast you're doing something for her, seems very nice to me.
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I would say just pay half. Thats sweet of y'all to even offer! She shouldn't try to take advantage. .
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Hm.  Well, okay.  I hear ya.  I think it is totally generous that you are paying anything at all.  Very kind of you guys.  But . . . to be honest, you aren't out any money if you were willing to pay half of hers and half the boyfriends--  that equals a whole so I can kind of see what she is saying.  If you aren't out any money because you were willing to pay half of two people, that's the same as a whole for one.  ??  

but I do hear you.  It's a bit presumptive for her to think you'll do it.  But if you were going to pay X anyway, why not juts put it all toward her ticket?  
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I'd only pay half. That was the deal anyways. I'm not paying for my parents to drive 4 hours down here. They offered to because its their grand baby.
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I'd only pay half, your mom shouldn't really have presumed anything othrr than what you offered
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I'd say pay for only half a roundtrip ticket or one one-way ticket. You only agreed to help with the ticket so she can see you guys and the new baby. Of course I'm feeling a little snarky today. If you do ended up paying for her whole ticket tell her it is her early Christmas present and not to get mad or expect anything else for Christmas except maybe a Christmas card but that's just me.
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I'd only pay half. Ur the ones having a baby usually ppl are doing the most for u not the other way around
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Half You Already Told Her That You Would Pay For her Half And His half too , But Since He Not Coming Its Still The Same Only half
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Thank you ladies! Just needed a little reassurance on that one. Now to tell her...
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Your mother in law is obviously a manipulative old bag
I don't like people that manipulate me so what I would do is ask her if she can pay for the trip and you'll have to pay her back because you're short on funds now and then just not pay her back it's only fair if she wants to play brain games
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If you pay for her whole ticket your letting her win her game. She knows you said only half. Mil's always want their way and try to take 10 miles when you gave them an inch. I would only pay half if I were you because then ahe knows she cant get thag far with you. it instills boundries as well. My mom in law is a master manipulator! believe me..I know how u feel!!

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